will he ever get her?


4. 1 lilac/ calum combined

 Did u think im really going to listen to what tht slut said?? yah no im not about a show her she has power. the only thing is I just add a few cuts here and there maybe one or two or more. tears running down my face. while I do that I think... maybe I should let her think tht someones death was on her hands. hell maybe 100+ people died because of her. now heres the plan...

 im going to be taking 1 month of online classes so I don't miss any thing for school. I sighn  and all tht other shit yada yada im alone wolf atm my parents and brother went to take care of my grandparents for 2 years because they are old and waiting 2 mor eyears to put them in a home sounds weird idek... now all I have to do is find a place I want to travel to I saved up money from my local job at starbucks and my parents sed me $250 every 2 weeks and I use 50 for food and supplies. Australia I think Im going to e going to Australia for a month. and my month starts now. I packed every thing I needed I bought a two way ticket to Australia and back to LA. with a lot more work to change my online schooling to 2 months of online schooling just to get back to transitioning ck to the time zones. any ways im done packing and my plane leaves in an hour and 30 min I should get going. my plane leaves a t 10pm and is 9:37pm... time to go I lock up and leave.

Calums pov... time for a little change.

 I just hope she didn't do it. I didn't go after her why didn't I. im so  stupid!! my child hood crush is probably gone. wtf do I even have these feeling for her. Im just so confused. after micksally said tht my heart kinda droped even though ik ive said worse than tht.if she dies its on me and cathy. and I could never forgive my self for tht.i couldnt get the thought tht if she dies its on my hands and Im going to lose my first love and she dosnt even know it it s 10:47pm and I get some cloths on and go straight to lilacs house. how do ik where she livs. well u see lilac can through the best parties of all schools history but she isn't popular at all and she is the mysterious party through no one knows its her except for me I may have followed her. bang on her door several times no one answers I through rocks at her window for god sakes. nothing. its now 1am and I didn't get any thing. then it hit me. she dies and its because of me. her death is on my hands. I race back to m house shaking in one could find out. wiat what about her parents.tehn it hit me again. her little brothe rwhat is he going to do with out her. I fall asleep in my deep thoghts.  


Pritty long chapter I would say... hope yall like it.


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