new girl

a girl moving to a new city not knowing anyone to the whole city knowing her in just a couple weeks....... you get the picture right


5. visit

3 days later we where on our flight to the states and sofia was soooo excited to see her family and I was really nervous and she could tell so she put her hand on my knee and I didn't even think of it and she squeezed it and said babe my family is laid back its cool they aren't scary people my moms just embarrassing and my sister well you might get along with her she like video games and well I don't and she is loud and such so yah and my dad well hes looks rude but he sint and his gf is a bitch so just ignore her bitchyness that's wht I do I cant stand her but the baby is cute so yah. so hazz don't worry about it just be you and they will love you love youuuuuuuuuu babeeee and he chuckled and said love youuuu tooooo baby and we bothed laughed then slept the rest of the way there. When we landed my sister was there to pick us up she had her permit but I was driving home I don't trust her lmao but I got in the car harry sat next to me and my sister sat in the  back and I was 100% right they got along well right away and they talked about me and she told him embarrassing stories and secrets about me and he loved it because he could use it all againt me in the longrun in some type of way. so when we pulled in my driveway I could see he was getting nervous but I whispered stop you will be fine and I kissed him and got out of the car to go see my mom she ran out and hugged me and said hello hunny hi harry nice to meet you sofia always talks about you even in the past you should go look in her room its full og 1d posters and I blushed and said stop mom and they laughed and went inside and she was all like I'm sorry the house is a mess and we laughed well u haven't seen our house and shes like o geez when you get home pick up would ya and I laughed and I went to goo look in her room and her mom wasn't lying there where posters everywhere and she ran in and said no nononononon don't go in there and I did and said wow don't I look super very sexy on your walls and she whined stopppppppppp and I laughed and I said no way this is way to easy  so she hid her face in my chest and I laughed some more we spent the day and night at her moms and in the morning we went to her dads house to visit him and shes right he does look mean but I got over it and met the baby and everything and the way she takes care of her niece I knew at that moment I wanted to spend the rst of my life with her and have kids with her........ 

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