new girl

a girl moving to a new city not knowing anyone to the whole city knowing her in just a couple weeks....... you get the picture right


3. The styles

​So I got up and went to go make some food for the guys when I feel to strong arms wrap around me and he starts kissing my neck so I melt into his arms and he smirks on my skin bc he knows the affect he has on me and he loves it. So the boys have to add in " GET A ROOM" Ew gross staphhh " lolz everywhere so I laugh and blush to try to make this a lighter situation even though I was completely embarrassed and harry could see right through my acts even though we just started dating and so he flipped the boys off and told them to stop. So then I continued on with making them snacks ( which just in case you where wondering its brownies). So when they where done baking I brought them to the boys and sat down with them for a minute and realized what the where talking about so I went to harrys room to watch some tv so they could have their guy time which is good for both of us I guess bc I like tv and relaxing and he likes to hang out with the guys obviously lolz, then all of a sudden harry comes to the door and knocks so I laugh and say come in ? then when he comes In I'm like why did u knock its your room and then hes like well I didn't want to walk in on you naked or something I'm like yah ok hazza. so then its like a min of silnce then I speak up and say are the guys gone then I hear niall yell from downstairs NO WAY lol I'm like ok then. At this poin I'm so tired I could fall asleep right here right now and harry laughs and says ok babe go to slep I don't wanna keep u up so I walk down stairs to tell the boys goodnight and all I hear is louis yell USE PROTECTION and I blush and tell him to f off and they all laugh so I lay down and go to sleep with my security blanket ( Harry) right next to me. Harry pov sofia falls asleep with me right next to her I love this tomorrow I'm going to ask her to move in with me yah that will be fun. so I move her hair away from her face and kiss her forehead like I have done every night so far then I slowly fall asleep with this gorgeous person right next to me....... in the morning I wake up b4 her and I didn't wanna move her bc she was sleeping so nicely and I didn't wanna wake her so I just layed there watching her sleep not creepy it was nice until the guys walked in yelling and I'm like shhhh shes sleeping but the didn't listen the jumped on the bed yelling and niall had his guitar being as loud as possible as she starts to wake up she looks sooo cute with her bed head and everything else so I kiss her and say morning baby sorry they woke you up then shes like those dicks and we both laugh as they are like how rude and we laugh even more because its great times. back to sofias pov I get up and go to the fridge singing to myself I like my men how I like my tea hot and British and harry come over to me and laughs and says really now sexy and so I said yes really with a smirky face and he laughs at me and I blush again and hes like your 2 cute and I'm like wht do u mean and he says when you blush you blush all the time like all the time I cant even count how many times you blush a day its sooo cute. Then I get a call from my mom and I answer with a horrible british accent and she laughs and says hi honey just wanted to see ho things where going like with that new bf of yours mrs. styles and I yell and sat mom stop lol your killing me how did u find out and she adds with I found it on my facebook app thing so I laugh and say oh ok and then she says whe do I get to meet this man you love so much and I respond with soon I guess I would have to ask him if he wanted to come back home with me for a week or to, to visit the fam hahhahahahaha I laugh with her when he picks me up and I squeal and he says into the phone hello mrs. b sorry I cant pronounce your lasr name and she laughs even more now its great so I sat mom I gotta let you go talk to you soon and hopefully see you soon as well bye bye click.

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