new girl

a girl moving to a new city not knowing anyone to the whole city knowing her in just a couple weeks....... you get the picture right


4. Parents

After I get off the phone harry looks all confused and I look at him and say yas wht do ya need and he was just like wht did you mean by you hopefuly will see your mom soon and so I responded with well first shes my mom you goofball and she wants to meet you soi wanted to talk to you about idk maybe going to my home so you could meet my mum and dad and he gave me a weary look and I said wht r u scared of me mum and dad its not like it would be meeting both parents at the same time my dad lives in boston ya know where Gillette is so like where u played at for wwa and otra it would be fun and you would get to meet my baby niece abby shes the cutest little thing ever and I mean I miss her kinda so its 100% up to u. Harrys pov omg she wants me to go meet her family and wht if they don't like me wht if this happens wht if I make a fool out of myself idk I don't wanna disappoint her so I answer with a yes shes so happy shes like omg really I'm so excited I'm going to call them and tell them the gr8 news and she was gone in a split second so the first thing that popped into my head was to call one of the boys so I called niall and he picked up right away and I was like hey mate I'm freaking out I'm going the states to meet sofies family and wht if they don't like me what if I make a fool of myself and they hate me and I ruin my chances with her I really like her and I think shes the one and I keep on rambling and niall like mate mate stop I'm 100% sure her family will like you you don't have anything about you to hate and I said yah ok my tats beg to differ wht if her family dosent approve of them and they think I'm a loser I don't want that to happen.  So I stop and he says you will be fine I got to go I will talk to you later byeee bye click and sofia runs and jumps on my back and starts kissing my neck and so I flip her over onto the couch and sit on her because she scared the living shit outta me, and shes like harry get off I cant breath and so I tell her well I'm sorry I cant do that you scared me so much you will live promise and so she said can I at least sit on your lap I'm dying right now so I caved in and let her get her way because shes to cute and when she sat on my lap she moved around and everything to get comfterable and it was weird and I got a boner so I freaked out and she laughed and I said aren't you going to help me with that and she walked away and said I'm feeling a bit tired and ran up to bed so I chased after her and jumped into to bed with her and whispered in her ear you little tease you will get it mark my words and she laughed again and said oh really and drifted off to sleep. and when she woke up the next morning she got the plane tickets and we where leaving in three days so I figured I would start packing today and finish up tomorrow right sounds like a good plan to me and she packed with me but she just took longer bc shes a girl and she procrastinates about everything so I mean wht ever...............

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