new girl

a girl moving to a new city not knowing anyone to the whole city knowing her in just a couple weeks....... you get the picture right


2. New Life

​As I try to contain myself I walk up to him and say hi and who I was. Hi I'm Sofia I'm a huge fan I love your music and I just moved to London and its amazing I wish I lived here b4. OMFG I must sound like a complete and utter freak. Harrys pov- I stand there looking at this beautiful person standing in front of me and chuckle a little because she's cute when she gets nervous. So I said Hi I guess you know who I am I'm harry and open my arms for a hug she looks at me for a milli second and she hugs me, she says I never wanna let go I love you so much so I respond with you don't need to with a smirk on my face when just then she starts to cry I rub her back to calm her down and when she pulls away I say to her give me your phone so she does and I put my number and my address in her phone and the contact I put was ( Hazza bear ) and she put in my phone (sof<3) I love that nickname and that's when b4 I left I told her meet me at my house at 6 don't be lat love and she was in complete awe.                                                                                             back to my pov, O......M.....G....... did the harry styles give me his number and his address to his flat holy shit ok I'm going to act tool so I said calmly see you at 6 Then ran back home to get ready.  Skip to 5:45ish. I walk up to his huge beautiful home and knock at the door soon realizing some paps near by snapping some pics of me when I notice I curse under my breath, he quickly runs to the door and opens it for me and says omg sorry about that I was in my run and he was only wearing joggers and I was dressed comfy as well with some makeup on so I didn't like scare him off or anything. So I walk into the house and all I could say was wow your house is amazing, and he laughed and said gee thanks. so he took me to the parlor and we watched bambi and I love Disney movies and this one always makes me cry literally every time so I sit back on the couch and he sits right next to me and at the end of the movie I was in tears and he was rubbing my back and my head was on his lap it was perfect and I didn't want it to end so then when I stopped crying I said I'm sorry that movie gets me every time he laughs and says its ok and I said I didn't really wanna leave because the paps being all around the house and I didn't want them following me home and it was a Friday night so he said it was fine I could spend the night, so I got up and said where would you like me to sleep and he said his room because he didn't want me sleeping on the couch and the other rooms where full of clothes and suit cases that where packed  and needed to be unpacked so I said ok and he was like the only problem is that I sleep naked so I laughed thinking it was a joke and he was like no seriously so I said ok its fine and we went up to be and watched some more tv then fell asleep on he chest and he didn't move me through the night because when I woke up the next day I was still on his chest and he was sleeping I didn't want to wake him so I went back to sleep. Harrys Pov- I woke up to sof sleeping on my chest so I moved pices of her hair away and kissed her forehead she woke up slowly and I asked her am I a good pillow or wht and she laughed and apologized then she looked away and blushed so I joked with her and said when u blush its super cute and she laughs again so I said I'm going to get up and make you and the boys some breakfast so she looked at me and said the boys??? yah the boys sof I want you to meet them so she said ok and came downstairs with me all the boys where in their pjs and looked shocked for a minute b4 louis speaks up you didn't sleep with her did you and sofias face got all red and said nonononono omg no I just slept over here bc the paps where to overwhelming and they all sighed in relief and so I sat down with the boys and started talking to them about life and how I like it here in the uk and tbh I absolutely lobe it here. and so harry was like baby wht do you want to eat and I was in shock but I just simply answered anything is fine and the boys where really quick to ask are you dating her this that and the other thing and I was just blushing and smiling while harry said yah duh lol and he came over gave me some breakfast and kissed me on my neck and I died of laughter because I'm ticklish there and they mad fun of me for that obviously and I just laughed long with them. I was beginning to love my new life here in the U.K.

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