Where Did We Leave Off?


2. Stacy

Alrighty. What should I wear? It's just Alley's rooftop. I don't need anything fancy. Then I pull out a little skirt. Plaid. Green and blue. There's a little stain on it. I look at the stain closely. It's blood. I think for awhile. This is the skirt I wore the night Kristen and I got into that crash! Should I wear it? The stain isn't that big but it might upset Kristen. I'll pass. I find a beautiful blue scarf with a black shirt. I'll wear this. For sure.

Maybe Kristen is considering finding a new partner. She has been saying that it's hard to take care of Jared on her own. Maybe that's why she wanted to go out. We have been friends for so long that I'm sure I know what she wants. It's such a shame about the father of Jared though. She might not remember him much but he wasn't what I thought he was like. He practically left Kristen when she found out she was pregnant!

20 minutes past and I was already ready to go. I think I'll head over early.

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