Where Did We Leave Off?


3. Alley

No one's ever noticed me. I've always been air. High school? Psh. It was a joke. I never got my dream boy or a perfect best friend. But tonight, I get my revenge on everyone who shows up. I knew that Kristen has always liked that dude from the after school club. That's why I invited him. Tonight, I will embarrass her in front of him and she will be alone forever. She never liked me. She was alway so rude to me. All those times I asked her to come to my birthday or sleepover at my house, she would always make something up because I was too "weird" for her. And Stacey? She started terrible rumors about me ever since kindergarten. Kristen's karma happened when she got in the accident but Stacey is so "perfect" that she doesn't need karma. Well, she'll get it one of these days. I'm not psycho. I just know what's right. And what's right is what happens to me, happens to you.

Anyway, I really did want to get together with my former classmates. I want them to see how successful I've been. I'm an author, I'm the CEO of "Suzan's Books", and I'm not caught in a single mother situation like Kristen. All she did was complain when she found out that she was pregnant. Do you know how annoying it was to hear her wail on about it?

They should be coming soon. I hear footsteps up the stairs. It's David. He was the star of the football team in my senior year.

"Hey Alley."

"Hey David. How's life?"

"Great, I guess."

"What's going on?"

"Stuck doing grad classes. I haven't gotten sleep in weeks."

"Well, cheer up. Maybe I could help you?"

"No thanks, Alley. I appreciate it but, I don't you to end up like Kristen."

"Excuse me?"

"I know your games, Alley. You tried this the first year after we graduated. I know better. Maybe, you should too

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