Where Did We Leave Off?


1. Kristen

Bleh. My life is just going down hill from here. I just graduated college. Also, I am a single mother. I'm not a widow but the father didn't run off. We just simply went our separate ways. We met right before my first year of high school. Then, I don't really remember what happened. Ah, that year was the year I had my injury. See, I got in a bad car crash after I got my permit with my best friend. The air bag came back and I hit my head on the window. It shattered. A piece of glass went straight into my head. I was lucky I survived but part of my memory lost its way back to me.

Anyway, I do remember an after school program I went to. What was it? I cannot remember for the life of me. But there was a really good friend there. I could go to this person for anything. There were other people there too. They were all great. I wonder what happened to them.

Sometimes I wonder why I get up every morning. Why do I keep trying to make it through everyday of my life? My son? My future career? I fight with pain every morning I rise from my bed. I just need to get out, maybe. Maybe, I need to go out with Stacy. She's my best friend. We have been since ever.

I decided to call her.

"Stacy? Is that you?"

"Kristen? Oh my goodness! I haven't heard that 'I need you' voice since you found out about Jared. Do you want me to babysit? Do you need anything?"

"Stacy, I wanna go out tonight. I wanna get out of the house."

"Who's gonna babysit Jared?"

"Don't worry. I got that covered."

"I'll meet you on the coffee shop in an hour. There's a party on Alley's rooftop tonight. A little, sort of, reunion."

"Really, Stacy? Alley's house?"

"Not her house! Her rooftop!"

"Sounding like your old self, again. Glad to hear it."

"Hey! Club kids from other counties are coming, too!"

"The- that-"

"Yes, Kristen. Your old friends will be there, too. Don't leave me hanging around Alley, though. She still gives me weird vibes."

"Who doesn't get her weird connections? See you in an hour."

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