Poison me

Poison me with your love. Bury me in happiness. Sew silk to my skin. So everyday I will rest.


1. To be Distinge

   "keep your chin up for God's sake! You have to look nice if your going to be beautiful! You have to be distinge." How I grew up, poisoned with the thought that every single part in my life had to be absolutely perfect, distinguished. Did I like being poisoned? Yes and no. I weigh 110 pounds and I am seventeen. Do I like it? Yes and no. I get judged by others and I get awed by most. So how did I do it? Well mummy keeps me up at 7 to 9 oclock working out. My eating? I eat like a friggen bird. Banana for breakfast. Nuts for lunch. And quinoa for dinner. I have to drink water constantly to keep the flow of digestion. I have to do perfectly well in school, straight a pluses, so the press nazi won't terrorize me with their pessimistic junk. 

 I watch the white wall in front of me as I walk next to long tapes of blue duct tape on the floor. I'm in white, painful heels that slide against my scabs, and a copper corset dress with pearls lining the back lace. My kneck hurts and my legs are sore from all this practice. Yet I have no hunger for I am forced to drink black coffee. "There will be lots of people at your banquet. Lots of people who will judge." at banquettes I was aloud to eat, but not binge..,so the press doesn't go wild if they never see me eat. I am Princess Ember o'neal. 

   As I make my way towards the huge clump of people dressed for the occasion in crystal and gold, I notice an unfamiliar yet taunting face. His hair is side swept copper like my dress. His freckles lye under his eyes, on his pale skin. His lips are absolutely astonishing. His eyes are tragic. I stare closely into them seeing fire with three people in it. Heat burns my face and I jump in shock. There is a fire with one of my brothers in it, Abendigo. But he isn't crying or burning. There's a light in the middle of the fire and everyone's freaking out claiming its a ghost. 

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