Middle school life

A 12 year old girl melody trying to survive her first year off middle school.


4. The secret

I'm not sure who I should hang out with today. Mandy and Rose are kinda friends and Mandy hangs out with Rose. Riley and I got in a fight and all she does is talk about ponys with Isabelle. I think I'm just gonna hang with rose. "Hey Melody" Rose says. " I need to tell you something." Ok " I say. " What is it"? " This is really hard to say but I'm suffering of depression." "Rose" I say seriously "how bad is it"? " it's a minor case right now not suicidal or anything but it's getting worse" she says. " have you told anyone?" I ask worriedly. "No" she says sadly " I can't trust the guidance counselor and my parents just fight all the time". " I'm so sorry" I say. " Is there anyway I can help you?" She says I don't know but it helps a lot that your listening to me and understanding." That's good" I say. " Rose if you ever need me for anything you can come to me" I see tears forming in her eyes. " thank you" she says "you don't know how much that means to me". I give her a hug and then smile. "Come on. Let's go have fun". She grins and says " alright".

Hey I hope you are enjoying so far! I haven't learned how to work this fully yet so I hope it's working!

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