Middle school life

A 12 year old girl melody trying to survive her first year off middle school.


2. school day

Ugh. School sucks. Right now I'm being forced to listen to Mr g go on and on about the machine gun. I look to my left and see my friend Jake. I smile at him and he winks. I'm thinking:"what the heck" when I hear my name being called. It's Mr g. He asks me "what year was the machine gun invented". Oh no. Not again. "Um-um 1876?" I mange to stammer. "Wrong!" He says. I feel the blood rush to my face when everyone turns and looks at me. "Can any one help melody out?" And of course the smart kid rob raises his hand . He answers but I'm not paying attention. I'm just drawing on my paper like I do every day.BING BING!!! Yes! Saved by the bell! Thank gosh. Time for L.A.

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