Middle school life

A 12 year old girl melody trying to survive her first year off middle school.


3. lunch time

L.a was really boring. All we learned about was prepositions and verbs. I'm heading to the lunch room when I see Kyle walk by me. "Hi" he says grinning. " hey" I say back. I feel my face getting hot and it feels like 1,000 butterflies are in my stomach.

I go to sit down next to Rose because Riley and I have been having some drama. I open up my lunchbox and say " great PB and J again?" I look around saying "anyone wanna trade?" "Oo oo I'll trade you for my gummies" Rose says. I toss her my sandwich and she hands me the gummies. " so melody she asks " how's it going with you and Kyle"? " alright I say. " He talks a lot with Mandy and bec though" I say frowning. " it's ok melody he likes you" Rose says back to me. I sigh " I hope so". Then I hear a loud OOOOO. Oh jeez it's Mandy. " MELODY AND KYLE MELODY AND KYLE she shouts at the top of her lungs. " shut up Mrs. Green ( she likes a guy with the last name of green). " Hey! Don't say that" she says. " your so annoying". " hey you made fun of me" I say. " yeah but it's different" she says. I turn to Riley and we both roll our eyes. I say " Whatever" and then she looks at me and whispers stuff in people's ears. I get really nevervous. Everyone thinks her and bec ( bec is popular) are soooo nice and funny. Trust me I have seen there bad side. They are not nice. Ring ring! Time for recess!

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