Middle school life

A 12 year old girl melody trying to survive her first year off middle school.


5. Afterschool

This is after school

I'm heading to afterschool now. Usually I only hang out with the guys. I hang out with Kyle,Brody,Carl and Liam. I get there and sit down at the table and wait. The first one there is Kyle. My face gets hot as he sits next to me. Dang I like that guy. "Hey" he says smiling. "Hi" I say back blushing. "How was your day?" He asks. " Good yours"? I respond. "It just got better" he says. I feel those dang butterflies coming back in my stomach. Then Brody comes over and sits across from me. "SUP FAM" he says. "Um hi" I say laughing. He leans over and gives Kyle a high five. "Hey guys! Mrs.miller is calling us for snack" I say getting up. They both sprint to the table and grab the muffins. I go up and take a orange. They got the lemonade too. I never get the lemonade. It's gross. (After snack)

We start heading out side and then sit on the bench by the track. "Hey guys wanna play truth dare or would you rather?" I ask. "Sure" they both say. "Kyle I dare you to hug melody" Brody says grinning. Kyle blushes and scoots down closer to me. I feel like all those butterflies just grew bigger. The blood rushes to my face as he leans in. He wraps his arms around me gently and hugs me. I smile and hug him back. When he stops I look over and see Brody. I forgot he was there! I blush and say "um-um let's continue our game. " Brody truth dare or would you rather?" I ask. "Would you rather "he says. " would you rather eat a beetle or toast?" I say smiling. Kyle and Brody laugh. "That was the worst would you rather ever" he says. "I pick beetle cause there is more protein" Brody says. I look at him funny and laugh. "Melody and kate for dismissal" I hear on the loud speaker. "Bye guys"! I say grinning. "Bye" they both say back. I run up to the table of stuff and grab my book bag and lunchbox. I see my sister and mom waiting for me. "Hi guys" I say.

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