Caroling Fandoms

If you love Christmas and Fandoms then you're in the right place. Sing along to all your favorite Christmas songs this year with these fandom twists.


3. Percy the Seaweed Half Blood

You know Grover, and Tyson, and Clarise, and Nico, Piper, and Leo, and Jason, and Hazel. 


But do you recall, 

the most famous Half Blood of All. 

Percy the Seaweed Half Blood

Had a Father of the Sea

and if you ever met him

With Annabeth is where he'd be


All of the other half bloods

used to laugh and call him names

they never let poor Percy 

join in any Half Blood games


Then one sunny summer day

Chiron came to say

Percy with you Father's might

join the quest and fight tonight



Then how the half bloods loved him

and they shouted out with glee

Percy the seaweed Half Blood

your go down in history!

(like posidon!) 


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