Clan Cats!

Want to be a warrior cat? Please personalize your cat, and I will add your chapter! Please include your username and become... a cat!
Look:Orange fur with black stripes and white belly fur. Has green eyes, long fangs, and long claws.
Mate: Lightningscar- a handsome pale blonde tom with bright blue eyes and a scar across flank.
Clan: WindClan
Rank: Warrior
Personality: Cold, tough, loving in a way most cats do not understand.
Story: ( Just say how they found their mate, stuff like that. Mine is too long. :) )


6. Nightscar

Name: Nightscar
Rank: Warrior
Gender: Tomcat
Description: Long, slender, yet strong built tom. He has black fur with dark gray stripes. He has icy blue eyes that could peirce the soul of even the fiercest warrior. He has a scar down his right eye, one across his left and right flank with about one or two in between. 
Mate: None (Or, quite yet)
Clan: ShadowClan
Personality: Brave, strong, smart, alert, vigilant, loyal, mysterious, fighter, rarely shows his caring side
Story: No cat knows the origins of Nightscar. Except for Tigerstar. When Nightscar was found as a kit by Tigerstar, he was taken in and became one of the ShadowClan kits. He proved his loyalty multiple times. He saved many of the warriors, and went through aprenticehood fairly quickly. He even defeated a few dogs threatening the Clans. As well, with the help of a few friends, he took down a rival clan (though, he never speaks of it). The rival clan first attacked ShadowClan, but they fended them off. Then, the clan attacked the others. That was when Nightscar and his friends stepped in and defeated them. Now, he is a warrior that has great respect for others, and gains respect.

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