The Outcast

Marnie was never the type of girl who had loads of friends or fit in. She was one of the least known girls in her school. Until him. Until she thought she found love. Love with the schools most well known boy. Luke Hemmings.

(I was writing this on another account but now I'm posting on here :3)


4. The Car Ride

Marnie was freaking out. It was 6:30 and Luke would be there in thirty minutes. She curled her long, black hair, but she had nothing that she would wear on a date. Her closet was full of band shirts and ripped clothes. Her only chance was her mom's closet. Her mom left when Marnie was two, so she didn't mind wearing some of her clothes that she left. Her dad was gone, as she had predicted, so she went into her mom's room. She grabbed a white t-shirt and a pastel blue cardigan she always liked. She wore her regular black jeans and was looking pretty normal. She just put on some eyeliner and some black flats. She heard a knock at the door. She ran to go get it. When she opened the door, Luke's eyebrow raised.

"Wow. Very... colorful. You usually wouldn't wear something that flashy, would you?"

"No, but I don't really think a Nirvana shirt would be sufficient for a first date."

"Oh. Good thing I wore a Blink-182 shirt." He chuckled. "You ready to go?"

"Ready when you are."

Luke walked her out to the street. He opened the door to the car Ashton was driving this morning.

The ride was silent, but not awkward. Luke ran his fingers through his hair and turned on some music. He put in a Green Day CD.

"I don't think you realize how obsessed I am with Green Day," she said, smiling.

"What can I say? I'm skilled at choosing music."

He was dancing in his seat. Marnie was watching him like he was crazy.

"MY SHADOW'S ONLY ONE THAT WALKS BESIDE ME." He was yelling the lyrics, so Marnie joined.


He looked at her. "Wow. You should be a singer!" He was being dramatically sarcastic.

"Haha. Very funny. But you have a really good voice, Luke."

He smirked conceitedly. "Why, thank you. I'm sorta in a band."

She turned to him. "Really? Why was I unaware?"

"Because we suck."

"I highly doubt it. You should perform a song for me sometime."

He looked hesitant. "Maybe. We're here."

Marnie felt like her date was going pretty well so far. But, social get togethers plus Marnie equal no bueno.

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