The Outcast

Marnie was never the type of girl who had loads of friends or fit in. She was one of the least known girls in her school. Until him. Until she thought she found love. Love with the schools most well known boy. Luke Hemmings.

(I was writing this on another account but now I'm posting on here :3)


13. Marnie's House

When Marnie got home, her dad was there. He was waiting for her on the couch. He was sober and had a serious look on his face.

"Hey, Dad. What's up?"

He looked at her. "Sit."

"Um, okay. Is something wrong?"

"Is urine yellow?"

"Um, that's a weird analogy, but what's up?"

"Tell me. Who the fu-- hell is Luke?"

"Oh him? He's just this guy I kinda like."

"Oh really? 'Kinda like?' Are you dating?"

"Well, I mean--"

"It's either yes or no."

"Well, it's not official but we've been on a date."

"So you are dating him right?!"

She sighed. "Yes. There."

"And did you think to ask if you could go out with a boy? Shouldn't that be the first thing you thing of when a boys asks you out?"

"Um... No I think I'm old enough to determine if I can date someone or not..."

"Well think again because you will never be able to see that boy again. Do you understand me?"

"Dad wh--"

He made his voice stern. "Do you understand me?"

"No. I don't. Dad I think I love him. There's nothing you can do to stop us from dating."

"Oh, really? You don't have permission to ever leave your room. I will take you to school at 7:25 so you have 5 minutes passing period and I will pick you up and 2:20 so you have 5 minutes after school to get prepared."

"Dad! You ca--"

"That's my decision. It's final."

"Dad, he takes care of me, unlike you. When you forgot to leave the spare key under the mat, in a friggin lightning storm, he came and picked me up. If it weren't for him, I probably would have hypothermia or something."

"Go to your room."


"Now missy or--"

"No! You can't do th--"

There was a piercing noise, followed by complete silence. Tears welled up in Marnie's eyes and her hands rushed to grab her now swelling cheek. Her dad"s eyes filled with horror and regret.

"Mar. Holy crap. I don't know wha--"

She ran up to her room.


She grabbed her tote bag and shoved most of her clothes in it. She only had a few pairs of ripped jeans and a couple band tees. She texted the only person she could think to text. Her dad was now trying to open her locked door. She ignored him.

"hey um could you maybe pick me up?"

Luke answered immediately. "sure. now? what's up"

"can I tell you about it later?"

"sure. be right there"

"and could I maybe spend the night at your place???"

It took a minute for him to answer and she could tell he was caught off guard. "um ok ;)"

"-.- dream on"

A/N: Yeyeyeyeye idk why but I'm starting to like this one :):):):):) LOVE YA

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