The Outcast

Marnie was never the type of girl who had loads of friends or fit in. She was one of the least known girls in her school. Until him. Until she thought she found love. Love with the schools most well known boy. Luke Hemmings.

(I was writing this on another account but now I'm posting on here :3)


15. Luke's House

A/N: Hey guys sorry I haven't updated in a really long time :/ I'm back at it now but don't judge if it's a little off. Enjoy! <3

When Marnie woke up, it took her a minute to remember where she was. She was in a huge King-sized bed with the sheets all ruffled. She got up to hot to the living room and was greeted by four teenage boys playing FIFA.

Calum was the first she saw. He raised his eyebrows. "Damn, Luke. Nice choice."

She looked down and remembered she was only warring Luke's boxers and a oversized tee. Her face turned red and she went to sit by Luke on the couch.

Michael slammed down the remote control in frustration. "Frick this. Let's go out."

Ashton sighed. "Okay, does anyone have money?" There was a brief moment of silence.

"I have twenty bucks..." Luke spoke up.

Michael gasped with fake enthusiasm. "Wowza! We can go to Dollar Tree!"

"Oh wait I have money in my bag," Marnie said. She grabbed her stuff and pulled out a fifty dollar bill.

"Okay now where do we go?" asked Calum.

"Bowling and pizza?" Of coarse that had came from Michael.

"I'm up for it," Ash said and they all agreed.

"Okay I'm gonna go change," Marnie told Luke.

"I'll come with you," he said with a smirk.

"Yeah, how about no?" She giggled then walked into the bathroom. When she came out they all headed to Luke's car.

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