The Outcast

Marnie was never the type of girl who had loads of friends or fit in. She was one of the least known girls in her school. Until him. Until she thought she found love. Love with the schools most well known boy. Luke Hemmings.

(I was writing this on another account but now I'm posting on here :3)


14. Luke's House

The car ride was silent. Marnie notice Luke was taking a different route to his house.

"Where are we going?"

He looked at her for a moment, "Oh, yeah. I guess I forgot to tell you but, I moved into an apartment. Is it okay of we go there?"

She tensed at the thought of being all alone with Luke for the entire night. "Oh. Yeah, it's fine."

Luke was getting a little fidgety, so he finally pulled over, looked Marnie in the eyes, and said, "Mar, please tell me what happened. Why is your cheek all red?"

She hesitated. He sighed, and she gave in. "He hit me."

Luke was trying to hide his anger. He put the car in drive and held Marnie's hand the whole way to his apartment. Her face was red and burning, so Luke sped away to his apartment.

When they got to the apartment, they got out of the car and Luke grabbed Marnie's hand. He ran up the stairs to his door and opened it.

"You didn't lock your door when you left? That's smart," Marnie accused with a sarcastic tone.

"Well, you texted me that you wanted to spend the night with me. I think I had more important things on my mind than locking a door." He chuckled. When they got in, the place was almost as big as Marnie's house. There were two bedrooms, a full size kitchen, a living area, and two bathrooms. Luke ran off to the kitchen and came back with a slab of frozen meat. She looked at him with a weird face.

"Just lay down on the couch. You doctored me when I got hurt, now its my turn." He grinned.

Marnie sat on the couch and Luke put the meat slab on her face and they both started laughing.

"Thank you Luke." She couldn't stop smiling.

He kissed her. "My pleasure."

They spent the rest of the time sitting on the couch and talking. When it was time to go to sleep, Luke got up and said, "Okay. Do you want to sleep in the guest bed? 'Cus, if not, you can sleep in my bed." He winked and laughed. "But, yeah where do you wanna sleep?"

"Um, I think I'll stick to the guest bed, thanks." They were getting the bed set up, Marnie face-palmed. "Dammit. Um, Luke? I sorta didn't grab any pajamas."

"Oh. Okay." He walked out of the room and came back a minute later. "Here." He threw a tee shirt and a pair of boxers onto the bed. "You can change and I'll be in the living room."

When she changed she went into the living room. Luke was yawning. "You ready to go to bed?" She nodded. She went and lied down and Luke kissed her goodnight. It was about five minutes later, and she was getting nervous. She walked into Luke's room and he was on his phone. He looked up.

"Change your mind about the sleeping arrangements?" He was smirking.

She huffed. "Shut up." She crawled into his bed and he put his arm around her. He held her tight as they softly drifted off to sleep.

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