The Outcast

Marnie was never the type of girl who had loads of friends or fit in. She was one of the least known girls in her school. Until him. Until she thought she found love. Love with the schools most well known boy. Luke Hemmings.

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9. Luke's House

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When Luke got to Marnie's house, he was panting. When she ran to his car, she asked what was wrong.

"Well, um. I almost got in a head on collision with an out of control minivan that ran a red light."

She gasped. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, there'll probably just be a bruise where my seatbelt tightened."

"I knew this weather wasn't safe to drive in."

"It's okay because that just makes me feel like a better boyfriend." He grinned and turned on All Time Low. They jammed out until they got to Luke's house.

When they got to Luke's house, his parents were still there. The power went out at 8:30, so it was still pretty early. When Luke opened the door, a guy a little older than Luke said, "What, back already? That was a quickie." Luke gave him a death stare and they walked in.

"That was Jack. He's my older brother. There's him and Ben." They walked into the kitchen and Luke's mom's face brightened.

"Is this her, Luke? She's gorgeous!"

Luke smirked and said, "Mom, this is Marnie. Marnie this is my mom, Liz."

Liz smiled. "Pleased to meet you." A man walked in. "Oh, this is my husband, Andrew. Andy come here. Come meets Luke's girlfriend."

He glanced at Marnie and said, "Hi, dear. Excuse me but I've gotta run." He turned to Liz. "Bye, sweetheart." He walked out the door. Liz looked at the clock and gasped.

"Oh, no. I have to go. Bye! Have fun." Marnie thought she seemed cool.

Jack left next. He walked out and said, "I'm bailing. I don't want to be the only person other than you two in the house."

Luke winked and nudged Marnie. "We're alone."

She rolled her eyes. Luke led her up to his room. When she walked in it smelt like marshmallows. He saw her sniffing and picked up a candle.

"Campfire smores. My favorite."

She started laughing. "A Bath and Body Works candle? You're so bad."

"I know right." He sat on his bed and pat the spot next to him. "Wanna play FIFA?"

She looked unenthusiastic. "I suck at FIFA."

He just looked at her. "So? I'll teach you. Here." He handed her the remote and started up the game. They got to playing and Marnie was actually pretty good. They played for about 30 minutes and Luke won against Marnie.

"I'm hungry do you want food?"

Her stomach growled. "Yes, please."

He raised his eyebrows. He made his voice high in a mimicking tone. "Yes, please. 'Cuz I'm a polite young girl. Whaaa."

"What the heck. I'm being nice. You're wasting your food on me."



"Okay, what do you want? Wanna share some Pizza Rolls?"

"That sounds really good right now."

"Okay. Sounds good."

When he took the Pizza Rolls out of the microwave, he cringed and grabbed his stomach.

"Damn. That hurts."

"What is it?" Marnie just walked into the kitchen from the bathroom.

"Oh, when I slammed the breaks my seatbelt tightened. It's fine."

"Luke, no its not okay. Let me see."

"Okay." He took off his shirt and Marnie almost passed out. He grinned.

"Dang. Okay, do you have Ziploc bags?"

"Yeah in that cabinet."

She filled a baggy with ice and said, "Lay down on the couch." He did and she sat on the ground next to him. She put the ice bag on his muscular stomach and smiled up at him. "I'll go get the pizza rolls." She grabbed the pizza rolls, set them on the table and Luke grabbed her and pulled her down on top of him. She looked down at him. "What do you think you're doing?"

He pouted. "I wanna cuddle." She tried to get up, but he wouldn't let her. He looked deeply into her eyes. "Just for a minute?"

She gave into his beautiful eyes. "Okay, but only for a second." Luke sat there on the couch with Marnie in his arms. He yawned. It had been about five minutes and she looked up at Luke. He had fallen asleep. She tried to get up but he only held her tighter. There was a crash of lightning and the power surged. Luke jumped up.

"Aww, I was having an awesome dream."


"I was at Madison Square Garden performing and you were there and when the concert was over we made out."

"Wow. A great dream indeed," she joked. There was another crash of lightning and the power went out, for good this time. Marnie scrunched up into a ball on the couch. The curtains were closed and the sky was gray, so it was pitch dark. Marnie was terrified of the dark. Luke went up to open the curtains. It helped a little. It was still really dark and creepy.

Luke looked at her. "What's wrong? You afraid of the dark?" He chuckled and when Marnie sat in silence he said, "Wait are you really?" She nodded. He walked up to her, picked her up bride style, and brought her to the brighter kitchen. He sat her on the counter. "Better?"

"Yeah. Thanks. This is embarrassing."

"What being afraid of the dark?"

"Yeah. It makes me feel like a baby."

"Don't be stupid. Its okay to be afraid of things. I live in constant fear of being attacked by a giant spider."

"Wait really?"

"I live in Australia, what do you expect?"

She laughed and Luke bit his lip. He leaned in to kiss her. He wrapped his hands around her waist and she grabbed his shoulders. She had forgotten that he wasn't wearing a shirt, so the feel of his warm, bare skin surprised her. She wrapped her legs around him and he passionately kissed her. It was hard to believe that he was a so-called "Heartless" guy who dumped girls when he got bored. Luke had one hand on her face and the other tugging at the hem of Marnie's shirt. He was making his way to her neck when they heard the front door close. Marnie jumped down from the counter and threw Luke's shirt to him. Ben walked in the door.

"Woah. Why is it all dark? Wait Luke what's going on?"

Luke scoffed. "Shut up. The power went out."

As Marnie was eating a pizza roll, her phone buzzed. "Crap. Luke my dad's home. Can you give me a ride?"


In the car, they blasted I Miss You by Blink-182. Luke was singing it really loudly.

"You should do a cover of that. You know, with your band. That sound amazing."

"Eh, maybe." The rest of the ride consisted of blaring music way louder than it needed to be.

When they got to Marnie's house Luke kissed her goodbye. "Farewell, my beautiful Juliet."

"Why, au revoir, my handsome Romeo." She giggled an got out of the car. "See you tomorrow."


So close but so far away. 

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