Lost boy

He isn't the nice boy you thought he was.
Monster people called him.Evil.Twisted.cold hearted. But maybe there was a reason for this. He was a good boy before you know hook came back.


1. Peter Pan


She ran into my arms so carefree.Happy.Her face so happy and relaxed.a natural smile. Not forced. Her beautiful features.A lost girl,my lost girl.

"Sorry to interrupt but Captain Hook is back" one of my lost boys said gritting his teeth.

I grabbed Wendy's hand.

"Get her luggage and take it to her room" I ordered. He grabbed her luggage and went running off.

"Peter,I'm scared" she said her smile going away. I grabbed her face.

"You will be okay" I said reassuring.

"Promise?" She asked looking deep in my eyes.

"Promise" I said. I grabbed her hand and showed her the room she will be staying in. I left her there to settle in.

I was taking with the lost boys about the Captain Hook situation.I heard a scream coming from Wendy's room. I ran to here room.She was.Dead. A hooking going down her stomach. And a note next to her.

Yours truly

-Captain H.

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