Broken Chains

Thane was death: moving swiftly and gracefully to her final destination. To take yet another life...


1. The last of the bloodline



  The droplets of red looked beautiful against the white snow. They shimmered slightly in the waking sun,

  like tears except red and dripping from the boys limp body while the silver dagger

  lay deep inside his heart and a thick red scar was imprinted on his neck from the chains that 

  he was now free of. He received freedom only to be assassinated a moment later.

 Thane didn’t stop to question her morals,

  the taste of revenge was sweeter than anything she ever tasted and so she grabbed the malicious 

  dagger and broke him free of the steel, using her cloak to wipe the remaining blood she 

  placed it back where it belonged: by her side. 

  Her silent footsteps disappeared within the Grim Woods. The memory of his death already forgotten.

  The deeper into the woods she went the more clouds begun to appear in the sky and soon enough

  the clouds battled in the sky forcing their rumble upon the people of the kingdom.

  Thane took this time to reflect, she knew the assassin blood run deep in her veins but while revenge

  was sweet, the thought of killing yet another youngling made her stomach twist in fury.

  Thunder could be heard from each cave in the Alkali mountains,

  and within each river of the Southern Stream.

  The malicious clouds consumed the whole island and the darkness swallowed each shadow

  unfolding on the ground and against the walls.

  The only light came from the villagers houses and the lightning that struck down to earth with a dangerous

  hunger illuminating each dark corner of the Grim woods.

 Thane walked along the muddy path, her black cloak masking into the darkness. 

  The snow was melting fast under the rains rapid torment. Thane was death:

  moving swiftly and gracefully to her final destination. To take the last life on her list. A young girl who didn't

  deserve to die, but this was the only way Thane could avenge her dead parents. She made a promise and

  she was going to keep it: kill every member of the Raven family. The blood line must not continue.


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