I'm a dream Dressed as a Nightmear

A girl goes throw depression you might think by how she looks but not really shes actually pretty sweet. She makes her looks more out and tells people shes depressed but she really is perfect.


3. Telling Micheal

"what!!! you two" he yelled and kasaty smashed her hand to his mouth. "shut up you are the only one who can know" she whispered. "sorry" he sighed then smiled then started to jump up and down "im happy for you to" Kasaty say Ryla smiling then she hugged her tightly and whispered in her ear "i love you boobear" She blushed "i love you to" she whispered back. Kasaty pulled away then held her hand. "maybe we could tell everybody that i'm not all mean which im not at all but still" she nodded her head "i would like that" she smiled then kissed Kasaty. Kasaty kissed back then some guys came by and stoped with there mouths open. Micheal was laughing his butt of and fell to the ground laughing. Then Kasaty pulled away. "now what some guys now know want to tell more people or let them find out" she smirked. "let them find out by how close we are" Ryla smirked back. Kasaty bited her lip hard. "thats hot" she mumbled. Then they went to class the three of them. All of class they heard whisperes about them. 'The weird emo tough girl is dating the emo weakling' one said 'the monster kissed the baby' some others said. The whispering weren't going to just last that day. There going to last for a will then Kasaty tilted over to Ryla "dont worry boobear there just jeoulious that i have you and they don't" she smirked. "ok" Ryla said nodding her head. At the end of class in the halls the popular girls came up to them "so you two a.. I knew you to would end up being lesbo." the leader said. Kasaty rolled her eyes. "well at least you don't have anyboydy hiting on you" she looked confused then Kasaty punched her in the nose. Then ran with Rylas hand in hers. "just keep running" she said to Ryla "dont stop no matter what ok you cant get in trouble for what i did"

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