I'm a dream Dressed as a Nightmear

A girl goes throw depression you might think by how she looks but not really shes actually pretty sweet. She makes her looks more out and tells people shes depressed but she really is perfect.


1. Look at her

The boys were all drowlying over the new girl. She was beautiful. But she was an emo. They all made fun of her for her looks. She looked like a monster she looked horable. She act so mean to everybody and she never wanted friends. Only person who can talk to her was Michael and the other emo person Ryla.

(ryla will be in next chapter :) )

They always made fun of them there for being the emo kids. Micheal would get rude notes in his locker. Ryla always got pushed around and Kasaty (new girl-girl on cover) she always had people on her tail but girls the rude girls to be exact put notes on her locker calling her names 'emo' 'ho' 'freak' 'loser' 'MONSTER!!' they put up them names everyday before she got to school. She would look at them and smiled. Then she would look around and kiss the one named monster. She loved that name she thought it fit her not real personality perfectly. She was different from everybody else. She was caring. But nobody saw it. Nobody knew who she really was but two people. The only nice people she knew that didnt push anybody around even if they were getting hurt. Micheal and Ryla were the only ones who loved and cared for Kasaty and the only ones who didnt fight. She loved it. She was glad she didnt have to deal with nonescence with them. She says to them everyday "im not a monster like they say i look this way because i just need to hide who i really am i really am a sweet person." she would call them everynight and video chat with them as well. She would text them all day everyday and she was close to them intill one day....



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