I'm a dream Dressed as a Nightmear

A girl goes throw depression you might think by how she looks but not really shes actually pretty sweet. She makes her looks more out and tells people shes depressed but she really is perfect.


2. Friends tell the end right....


One day Ryla was on the phone with her boyfriend then she got a message of facebook and decided to check it. She was all happy till she saw her boyfriend was at a party last night and was kissing another girl. A pretter one too. She looked at the picture once more than told him "we're done" she cried "but why" he asked confused "i saw a picture of you with another girl thats why" she said angerly. "i was drunk babe i..." "no we are done no ands, ifs, or buts about it done d-o-n-e done" she yelled then hung up. She called Kasaty "hey boobear whats up"  she said tirdly sounding like she just woke up. "i-i-i saw a picture of him with another girl" she cried "im on my way" she said then got up and ran to her house. Few minutes later she was there and out of no where Ryla kissed Kasaty and she kissed back. Ryla rapped her arms around Kasatys neck and deepend the kiss but Kasaty stopped her. "why boobear" she asked conserned "cause im done with guys and i know so much about you and you know so much about me and i need you. I want you." she sighed walking away. "stop" Kasaty said "i need and want you to but boobear we have enough trouble at school as it is being together would make it worst." she looked conserned. "i dont care" she screamed. Then Kasaty pulled her into a hug then looked at her "then you have to promise one thing and that is no running away anymore" she smiled and Ryla nodded her head then kissed Kasaty again. "i love your kisses" Kasaty mumble against Rylas lips. "i love you" Ryla smiled....

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