I'm a dream Dressed as a Nightmear

A girl goes throw depression you might think by how she looks but not really shes actually pretty sweet. She makes her looks more out and tells people shes depressed but she really is perfect.


4. Everybody knows everybody hates us

Kasaty and Ryla sat at there normal table at lunch but everybody walked away. All our 'friends' walked away. They sat there alone and then Kasaty smiled. "I guess its just us boobear" she smiled. Ryla kissed Kasaty roughly, and Kasaty kissed back rougher. Everybody was staring at them confused. Kasaty let out a little laugh and smiled brightly. Ryla pulled away deeply blushing. "you should eat boobear" Kasaty said. "i cant..." she started. Kasaty looked at her and then interupted "dont say anything about how your fat cause babe we both are not fat ok we both need to eat how about i get lunch and you have to eat some of it as well or else" she winked at her. Kasaty then got up and went to get some lunch she came back and put it on the table and kissed Ryla softly. "now eat" she said. Ryla nodded her head and started to eat. After lunch Micheal found them and hugged them both. Kasaty smiled. "you guys are the best friends ever" then Ryla looked at her smirking "your the best girlfriend ever" she said then hugged Kasaty tightly. "mine" Kasaty whispered to Ryla. Ryla blushed then hugged Kasaty back smiling widley....




sorry so short

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