Sick Game

A jumble of thoughts, a rant, a purging of angst. Whatever you want to call it.


1. Sick Game

Why do you always want to know what’s on my mind?

Don’t you know what you’re looking for you don’t want to find?

One moment you’re drunk and crying

And then when I care you’re lying.

Well forgive me for prying,

I don’t mean to be the only person trying

To make you happy when you’re stuck in pity

Making you laugh with the shitty jokes you think are witty.

Forgive me for feeling something when your hand is in mine

For ignoring every clue, every hint, every sign

I liked the way your smile looked on your face

The way I couldn’t keep up with your impossible pace

But the second I answer the question you ask me

Honesty is suddenly not the best policy.

Why are you asking me if I’m happy? 

Would I kiss you or love you or fuck you

And I’m supposed to say I don’t want to

But you’re waiting for the response that you desire

Let your tongue manipulate me to feed your fire

I can be a person

But not your purse

Don’t clutch to me so hard I break

Because I don’t have the mental fortitude to take

In every lie you so carefully make

And then be fine when you reveal it’s all fake.

I’m done

With your fun

Acting like you won

When you hand me the smoking gun

You crash and crash

Realize you’re too rash

You don't have a free pass

You fall on your ass

Your insults are more than sass

Because you have no class

When you throw me in the trash for answering your pries

Because I’m no longer that complex puzzle in your eyes

Tear me down so you can feel better about your sick game

Lips brushing my cheek or on mine, it’s all the same

The second I admit I want to I am burned.

Another traitor to be spurned

Can’t be your friend because I want to

But if I’m so repulsive what does that make you?

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