My Neighbors (Completed)

When Joselyn Young moves to Sydney, Australia, she never expected to meet a guy, much less 2!

This is my first Movella, please comment ideas!!! X
This is a completed Movella.


34. Wedding

*Skip to 4 years later*

*Joselyn's P.O.V.*

I giggle as I look in the mirror at myself, I can't wait to meet the love of my life at the altar! Luke and I decided to wait until after I graduate to get married, so we've been happily engaged for 4 years.

Now I finally getting married to this man! "Is the bride ready?" My father questions from outside the door. "I sure hope so" I reply. My maid of honor is actually Hailey, she's been there through the whole process and has been really supportive.

I open the door and my dad's eyes start to water "you look so beautiful" he whispers, offering me his arm. I stop and admire myself in the mirror one more time, I can't believe I managed to get this dress. It's mermaid style with slight beading on my left side. I take a deep breath and take my father's arm, allowing him to lead me to the chapel.

We reach the back of the chapel and I smile as Luke's face lights up with a huge grin and we slowly walk down the aisle, my father giving my hand to Luke.

^skip to end^

"You may now kiss your bride" the minister says and Luke grins, pressing his lips to mine in a short kiss.

We turn to the crowd "I now present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Robert Hemmings" and we walk down the aisle and outside to the waiting limo.

"I love you Mrs. Hemmings" Luke whispers "I love you Mr. Hemmings" I reply with a giggle and he presses a long, passionate kiss to my lips. "So, can you tell your WIFE where we're going on our honeymoon now?" "Nope" he chuckles, pecking my lips lightly and I pout as we pull up to the reception hall.

We walk in and here a roar of applause. We both begin walking around and talking to family and friends and my father walks up to me with tears in his eyes "I love you" "I love you" I reply and hug my father.

Once we're both done making our rounds, the DJ calls us to the dance floor for our first dance, the song Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran playing quietly.

We slowly dance through the song, and he softly pecks my forehead as the song ends.

We have the father daughter dance to Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman, tears streaming down both of our faces and Luke and I cut our cake, getting frosting all over each other.

We get changed into some more comfortable clothes and go out to the limo, waving to our friends and family. "So can I know where we're going now?" "Nope" and I roll my eyes.

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