My Neighbors (Completed)

When Joselyn Young moves to Sydney, Australia, she never expected to meet a guy, much less 2!

This is my first Movella, please comment ideas!!! X
This is a completed Movella.


3. The Real Luke

*Joselyn's P.O.V.*

I open the door and am shocked to see Luke standing there "um hi, I just wanted to apologize for earlier, I'm Luke by the way" I smile "Joselyn" "would you like to have dinner with me and a friend of mine?" "Sure" I smile and grab my keys and lock up.

We walk, just getting to know each other and we reach the pizza parlor. He opens the door for me and leads me to a table with a boy with bright blue hair sitting there. "Joselyn, this is Michael, Michael, this is my neighbor Joselyn" the boy smiles at me and we take a seat. A man brings a large pepperoni pizza over and 3 plates and we each grab 2 slices.

We eat whilst talking, I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life! Luke and I both hug Michael and walk home. "Would you like to come in and have some ice cream, maybe watch a movie?" I offer whilst unlocking my door. "Sure" he smiles and we walk inside.

"You can pick a movie, I'm gonna go change out of this dress" and he nods whilst chuckling in response. I run to my room and change into a pair of shorts and a tank top and leave my long brown hair down.

I dip a bowl for each of us and Luke starts a movie, Pitch Perfect and says "let's cuddle" and he settles on the couch. I eat my ice cream and lay out, my head in his lap. His fingers go to my hair, playing with it.

I don't even notice I've fallen asleep until I feel Luke stand and a pair of strong arms slip under me and lift me, taking me to my room. I feel my soft bed underneath me and warm lips press to my forehead "Luke" I mumble "yes babe?" "Will you stay with me?" I feel the bed dip and warm arms wrap around me and press my back to a bare chest.

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