My Neighbors (Completed)

When Joselyn Young moves to Sydney, Australia, she never expected to meet a guy, much less 2!

This is my first Movella, please comment ideas!!! X
This is a completed Movella.


28. Meeting The Friends

*Joselyn's P.O.V.*

We settle into our bed and I send a quick text to my best friend Tiffani "Hey Tiff! Want to go shopping Saturday? I really need your help! Call me" and roll to face Luke. "I love you" he says quietly and I smile, for the past 5 months we haven't said the 'l' word yet.

"I love you" I reply happily and kiss him passionately. "Hey Luke?" "Yes babe?" "Would it be alright if I change my major?" "Of course, I'll support any decision you make" "because I think I'm going to switch to theatre education" and he nods, yawning.

"Goodnight" I whisper and shut off the lamp, laying down on my left side, just as Luke's arms wrap around my waist, pulling me into his bare chest.

The next day, I decide to meet up with a bunch of my friends for lunch and we all agree to meet at Raising Cane's in Midwest City.

I get Luke up and we head off around 11:45 so we can some-what beat the rush.

When we get there, my friends basically tackle me with hugs "who's the hunk?" Victoria asks quietly, " everybody, this is my boyfriend Luke" he smiles shyly and we order our food, settling into a big booth.

When our order is called, Luke runs to get it, "gurl, you are so lucky" Beka says quietly "I know" I whisper back and Luke returns with our food in hand.

When lunch is over, we decide to just go back to Grandma's to watch movies and cuddle.

Just as we settle in, my phone begins to ring, my dad is calling "hey dad" "hey, can I talk to Luke?" I hand the phone to Luke "it's my dad" and I go to the kitchen to give him privacy.

"Babe, we're going to dinner with your dad, we need to be at Olive Garden at 6:30" Luke shouts and I go back in "alright, I'll go ahead and start getting ready" and I press a kiss to his lips, going to the bathroom.

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