My Neighbors (Completed)

When Joselyn Young moves to Sydney, Australia, she never expected to meet a guy, much less 2!

This is my first Movella, please comment ideas!!! X
This is a completed Movella.


12. Intimate Moment

*Joselyn's P.O.V.*

I settle on the bed beside Luke and feel it shift. I turn to look at him and see his piercing blue eyes on my hazel ones. "You're so beautiful" he whispers and begins to lean in.

His lips press to mine and his tongue trails my bottom lip. I let him in and our tongues massage each other. My fingers tangle in his hair and his hand take my hips, pulling me on top of him.

I sit, kissing for a while and I moan into his mouth as he begins to gently move my hips into his.

Then a loud banging is heard front room. Luke groans as I climb off of his lap and he goes to open the door, me following behind him.

He opens the door and I stand behind it "hey mate, am I interrupting something?" The voice of Michael says, chuckling. "No mate, what's up?" "I know Joselyn's there, she's not at hers" Luke chuckles, letting him in and we all go to the living room.

Michael studies Luke and I and he smirks "I definitely interrupted something, your lips are both swollen" my face turns a brilliant shade of red and Michael chuckles "I'll see you guys tomorrow" and he leaves.

Luke smirks "finally" and he moves me so I am straddling him once again and he connects our lips. He gently begins to move my hips on his and I moan lightly into his mouth. He lifts me and my legs wrap around his hips.

He lays me down and climbs on top of me, kissing my neck lightly. He kisses on spot and I moan lightly "Luke" he smirks and sucks on the area, biting lightly.

He pulls away and looks into my eyes "I want to make you feel good" he whispers. His hands go to my hips and he connects our lips, tongues massaging each other.

One hand trails from my hip to my clothed womanhood, which is soaked from the experience this far. He pulls my underwear off and looks into my eyes as I feel a finger enter me and he connects our lips as his fingers thrust in and out and a soft and slow pace.

I feel a pressure begin to build at the pit of my stomach "L-Luke, I-I-" "I know babe, let it go" he says softly and I do.

He pulls his finger out of me and looks into my eyes, licking them clean and he shifts so he's standing between my thighs and he licks me clean.

He shifts back up and he kisses me. "Get some sleep" he whispers and takes my waist, pulling me into him and I fall asleep.

A/N: Sorry it took a while to update, but I hope you guys enjoy! But I need a girlfriend for Michael, and a friend for Joselyn, so please comment if you want a part!!

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