My Neighbors (Completed)

When Joselyn Young moves to Sydney, Australia, she never expected to meet a guy, much less 2!

This is my first Movella, please comment ideas!!! X
This is a completed Movella.


35. Honeymoon

A/N: Hey guys! Sorry I haven't updated, I got grounded for a week :'( but I'm back! Here is the last chapter, I hope you've enjoyed it, I love you!

*Joselyn's P.O.V.*

As we fly to wherever it is we're going, we mainly talk about where I'm working and how I think I'll like it. A flight attendant comes over and says something to Luke. He turns to me "do you trust me?" "Of course" I simply reply and he grins at me, pulling a piece of cloth from his pocket "wouldn't want you ruining the surprise" and he ties the blindfold over my eyes.

I feel him lead me off the plane and into some kind of car, telling the driver where to go. Once I'm out of the car, I feel him hug me from behind and whisper "you can take the blindfold off now" I do and gasp "welcome to Rio babe" and I squeal, turning around to hug him tightly.

We go in the hotel and check-in and he leads me to the elevator "I love you" he whispers, sliding his arms around my waist "I love you" I retort and he grins widely "I can't believe we're married now" I giggle "me either" and we go to our room "we have to do this right" he says and I feel my legs sweep out from under me, a strong arm wrapping around my waist.

He walks us inside and lays me down on the bed "you know what comes next right?" He whispers, kissing my neck slowly and teasingly. "Food right?" He chuckles "before that" "oohh, that" he nods and winks, softly pressing his lips to mine.

The kiss slowly heats and his tongue trails across my bottom lip, coaxing me to let him in. I do so and our tongues tangle as his hands roam my body, slowly lifting the hem of the t-shirt I'm wearing. We pull away to remove my shirt and I slowly unbutton his flannel, letting the fabric slip from his shoulders and down to the floor.

"We should take a bath" I suggest between kisses "sure" he replies and we both move for the bathroom.

We each remove the last of our clothing and Luke runs a warm bath, climbing in before me, me climbing in front of him. His fingers softly brush my hair from my neck and his lips gently trail down my neck and collarbone.

"Luke" I breathe when he hits my sweet spot. His hands rest in my thighs and one slowly trails down to where I need him most. He gently pushes one finger into me "Luke" I softly moan and lean my head against his chest and he slowly pushes another finger in.

I stand to my knees and straddle his hips, connecting our lips in a passionate, sparks-filled kiss. He slowly pulls away and we don't say anything, just climb out of the tub and leave the bathroom, me laying down on the bed, allowing him to climb atop me, connecting our lips once again.

"Are you ready?" He asks softly. I nod, not trusting my voice and he positions himself at my entrance, slowly thrusting into me.

He keeps the pace slow and gentle, causing a familiar pressure to build in my lower abdomen "Luke" I moan, letting go of my orgasm as it spreads all over my body, him ejaculating inside of me.

"I love you" we say in unison and he collapses beside me, both of us falling asleep easily.

Aaaannnnnddddd. The end.

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading my book.

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