My Neighbors (Completed)

When Joselyn Young moves to Sydney, Australia, she never expected to meet a guy, much less 2!

This is my first Movella, please comment ideas!!! X
This is a completed Movella.


31. First Time

*Joselyn's P.O.V.*

As the plane begins to descend in Australia, the nerves kick in, I want this.

We end up spending the day with Michael and Kris, who finally got together!

After we have dinner, I run to the bedroom, pulling my Victoria's Secret bag and run to the bathroom, changing into the outfit.

I emerge from our bathroom to find Luke laying on the bed, he looks over and smiles lightly as he sees my new outfit. I go over to him and whisper "I'm ready, I want you to be my first" and he nods, sitting on the edge of the bed, pulling me to stand between his legs by my hips. Our lips connect and his hands trail to my bum, squeezing slightly and his hands trail even farther to my thighs and lifts me, so I'm straddling his hips.

He lays down and whispers "you're sure about this" I smile "I've never been so sure of anything in my life" and he flips us so he's on top, removing his t-shirt from his body.

He connects our lips once again and he gently grinds into me, making us both moan. He slips my little dress from my body and he removes his jeans "I love you so much" he groans and his hand goes to my back, and it arches, as if on instinct an he unhooks my bra, slipping it off my body and tosses it somewhere in the room.

He pulls away from me and teases down the waistband of my underwear, throwing them somewhere and his thumb connects to my clit, making me moan and he starts kissing me again, our tongues tangling.

He pulls down the waistband of his own boxers and whispers "you're sure" and I merely nod in reply, not trusting my voice.

Our lips connect and he gently thrusts into me, swallowing my moan of pain/pleasure. Pain shoots through me, but I barely feel it, the only thing I feel is Luke's love for me as he slowly thrusts, keeping a gentle pace.

Slowly, a familiar pressure begins to build in my lower abdomen. "L-Luke, I-I'm close" I barely manage to moan out "me too" he replies and and we both climax at the same time.

He rides out our highs and slowly pulls out, collapsing beside me and the pain of what just happened shoots through my lower body. His arms wrap around me "I'm sure you're in a lot of pain" he whispers and I nod "I'm sorry babe" he says, looking down sadly "I don't regret a minute of what just happened" I say softly, lifting his face to look at me and he grins, pressing a kiss to my cheek as we slowly fall asleep.

As we fall asleep, we never expect what we wake up to...

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