The boy and the seagull

The story tells of a young coble fisherman Tom Lawson who is also a coxswain on the life boat Pegasus in Cullercoats. His father drowned saving the life of a little girl and he wants to follow in his father's footsteps. the story is set in the early fifties a time of sexual revolution and rock and roll. Tom meets Eva a girl who wants the best- brought up on Howdon road she dreams of a better life. She works as a packer at Tyne Brand on North Shields Fish Quay- Tom the handsome Teddy boy with his drapes and crepe shoes charms the young Eva - they end up getting married but things don't run smoothly for the couple who have a son together but he is be-felled with a fever which leaves him unable to hear. This is a story of love-of heartache-and triumph over adversity. This is a story to warm your heart and one i'm sure that you will enjoy.


51. 51

Tim missed Sammy his seagull friend, everyday he would walk around the beach looking for him when he returned from school. His father had said that seagulls were like wild animals and that they were better off free. The summer of 1970 arrived and the people flocked to the beaches during the summer break. Tim was part of a volunteer squad who went around cleaning up after tourists who couldn’t be bothered to take their rubbish home or put it in the litter bins provided; even though there was signs all around they still left it.

After collecting all the rubbish Tim went to the lifeboat station to see his father.

His father was checking the engine with Billy Giles the mechanic when he arrived.

“Hello Tim said Billy; pass me that wrench over there will you?

Tim picked up the wrench and gave it to Bill who then gave it to his father who was lying on his back trying to tighten something.

“Is your mother in Tim asked his father popping his head up so that Tim could see him. “She wasn’t when I got home dad; maybe she went out.’

“Aye,’ she may have gone to the hair dressers.’

“Are you going out tonight dad?

“I don’t know son, we haven’t made plans.’

“Can I go to the pictures tomorrow Dad; “Let it be’ by The Beatles is on at the Gourmont in North Shields.’

“I guess so, who are you going with?

“I’m going with my friend Johnny Webb who goes to my school dad.’

“Oh I see; well have you got enough money to go?’

“Well I was hoping that you would give me my pocket money dad and…

“Here there’s a pound for you.’

“Thanks’ dad, I will see you back at home.’

“Yes, I shouldn’t be too long; I’m calling in to “Mickey’s barbershop for a haircut.’

“You ought to change your style dad that Teddy boy look is out now.’

“Cheeky bugger; get away with you.’

“Tim whose curly was on his shoulders now looked the absolute double of his father at his age.

“Like father like son aye Tom?’

“I think he reminds me more of his mother in some ways.’

“He’s bound to have some of his mother in him Tom, but no one could say he wasn’t your boy that’s for sure.’


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