The boy and the seagull

The story tells of a young coble fisherman Tom Lawson who is also a coxswain on the life boat Pegasus in Cullercoats. His father drowned saving the life of a little girl and he wants to follow in his father's footsteps. the story is set in the early fifties a time of sexual revolution and rock and roll. Tom meets Eva a girl who wants the best- brought up on Howdon road she dreams of a better life. She works as a packer at Tyne Brand on North Shields Fish Quay- Tom the handsome Teddy boy with his drapes and crepe shoes charms the young Eva - they end up getting married but things don't run smoothly for the couple who have a son together but he is be-felled with a fever which leaves him unable to hear. This is a story of love-of heartache-and triumph over adversity. This is a story to warm your heart and one i'm sure that you will enjoy.


5. 5


Geordie Shotton brought Nora back to her seat and the two of them got into conversation.

“Can I get you a drink then; what’s your name?

“Eva, Eva Mortimer.’

 “Mine’s Tom Lawson; what can I get you then Eva Mortimer?’

“I’ll have a babycham if you are buying’

“Coming right up Eva.”

Tom walked casually to the bar with one hand in his pocket he took out a ten bob note from a crocodile skinned wallet then handed it to the barmaid.

After getting his change he came back and sat down next to Eva. He had been sitting astride one of the chairs the wrong way round so that his arms were resting on the back of the chair.

“So Eva Mortimer, please tell me about yourself.’

 “Nothing to tell really; I work at Tynebrand and live with my mother and father on Howdon Road.

“Are you an only child then?’

“No I have an older brother called Brian but he’s at sea?

“Is he a fisherman?’

“No he’s in the Royal Navy. He works on the radar systems.’

“What ship is he on then?

“HMS Plymouth.’

“Is he married then?’

“Yes; he married a wren and he has two kids.’

“So you are an aunty already then.’

“Do you know you say then after every sentence?’

“No not really; I’m sorry I get nervous when I’m talking to beautiful women.’

“So you think me beautiful then Tom; it was the first time she had used his name and he liked it.

“Tom smiled showing a nice set of white teeth. He nervously took out his comb then combed the quiff in his black curly hair which had been cut like a ducks tail. It was better known as a (DA) Ducks arse.

“Yes I do, he finally admitted.’

“Are you going to let me walk you home tonight then; sorry I said it again didn’t I?

“Eva laughed then replied “We’ll have a long walk from here Tom.”

“I mean; when we get off the bus.’

“Where do you live?’

“I live in Cullercoats, but I don’t mind seeing you home if you will let me?’

“Alright Tom Lawson, but there will be no hanky panky mind you.’



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