The boy and the seagull

The story tells of a young coble fisherman Tom Lawson who is also a coxswain on the life boat Pegasus in Cullercoats. His father drowned saving the life of a little girl and he wants to follow in his father's footsteps. the story is set in the early fifties a time of sexual revolution and rock and roll. Tom meets Eva a girl who wants the best- brought up on Howdon road she dreams of a better life. She works as a packer at Tyne Brand on North Shields Fish Quay- Tom the handsome Teddy boy with his drapes and crepe shoes charms the young Eva - they end up getting married but things don't run smoothly for the couple who have a son together but he is be-felled with a fever which leaves him unable to hear. This is a story of love-of heartache-and triumph over adversity. This is a story to warm your heart and one i'm sure that you will enjoy.


34. 34

After tom explained to Billy his predicament, Billy turned to him and asked him if he was giving the lifeboats up.’

“You’re joking right.’

“I thought you wouldn’t, you’re in it for the long haul mate just like your dad.’

 Aye and the day a bloody woman tries to dictate to me what I can do and not do. I will show her, I tell you.’

Tom started on his third pint as Steve Hunter called time.

“So what’s the plan Tom?’

I’m going to tell her how the community needs the lifeboat and say what if your father or mother was out at sea and they needed help who would you call on then?

“Aye that’s it Tom, then she will see sense mate.’

The two men tried to put the world to right for the next thirty five minutes until they were ushered out by Steve.

Billy lived up the road from Tom so they walked up the road together and continued their conversation for another twenty minutes outside before Billy left and Tom was forced to face the music.

Eva was still up when Tom returned he took off his coat then sat at the table as Eva put out his dinner.

“I had to reheat it for you; it was lovely when it was first made; look Tom I’m sorry and I know how much the lifeboat means to you. I just want to spend a bit of time with you that’s all. We’ve just got married and it is going to take a while to get used to the idea.

“I just want you to make compromises so we can be together.’

“I will never give up the lifeboat Eva; ever. My father was a life boatman until he died and so will I.

“I here what you are saying and it’s not every day that I’m called out so you will see me but I must check the equipment it’s peoples lives I’m responsible for Eva. They rely on me to make sure they are safe during a rescue.

“Yes, I know that Tom and I’m glad that your men feel safe around you. I want you to be safe too. Just think of me when you are out there. I will be here on my own and I will get lonely.’

“Alright I will Tom relented.

“Now would you like some rice pudding?’

Tom Laughed then pulled his wife to him and kissed her “I’ll tell you what I want he said as he lifted her into his arms and carried her to his bed.


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