The boy and the seagull

The story tells of a young coble fisherman Tom Lawson who is also a coxswain on the life boat Pegasus in Cullercoats. His father drowned saving the life of a little girl and he wants to follow in his father's footsteps. the story is set in the early fifties a time of sexual revolution and rock and roll. Tom meets Eva a girl who wants the best- brought up on Howdon road she dreams of a better life. She works as a packer at Tyne Brand on North Shields Fish Quay- Tom the handsome Teddy boy with his drapes and crepe shoes charms the young Eva - they end up getting married but things don't run smoothly for the couple who have a son together but he is be-felled with a fever which leaves him unable to hear. This is a story of love-of heartache-and triumph over adversity. This is a story to warm your heart and one i'm sure that you will enjoy.


25. 25

Tom had washed and shaved; he combed his hair as he straightened the red tee shirt that he was wearing over his drain piped jeans.

He looked rather silly in his tartan slippers though she though but kept it to herself.

“Right what do we need? Going in the cupboard he brought out some corn flour and some cheddar cheese he made rue then added some milk and placed it on a low heat whilst he grated the cheese. He crushed some peppercorns in a pestle and mortar then rolled six fillets into it then placed them on a tray. He had put on the oven to pre heat when he’d go to the bathroom so now it was hot enough to put the fish into.

Once the potatoes had boiled for five minutes he drained them and then ran cold water over them. Using his fingers he gently pressed the potatoes and the skins fell away.

“See he exclaimed, easy peasy.’

“Certainly saves a lot of hard work replied Eva as Tom emptied the peelings into the bin then placed the potatoes back on the gas oven in a pan of fresh water and a little salt.

Tom drained the broccoli then poured the cheese sauce over it and replaced the lid to keep it warm. He then waited another twelve minutes whilst the potatoes were cooking before draining them.

The mackerel fillets were done and smelled delicious he served two fillets each with the new potatoes and broccoli and cheese sauce. He gave Eva a knife and fork then they sat down. Tom waited until Eva tasted her food then raised his eyebrows.

“This is very nice Tom who taught you to cook?’

“My father, he cooked for the lifeboat crew and I used to help him.’

“It has certainly done you in good stead hasn’t it with your mother being ill.’

“Yes; replied Tom; not pursuing the subject further.’

“So Eva how was your day?’

“Same as everyday really the tins come along on a conveyor belt and we pack them into boxes which are then stacked onto a wooden pallet where a fork lift driver places them into the back of a lorry.

I asked Nora if she was going to the plaza on Friday though.’

“Is she going said Tom as he cut a new potato in half and placed it into his mouth.’

“Yes, she said she would tell Geordie to meet her there. She’s coming for me around quarter past six.’

Good it should be a good night as I hear that they have a live band on.’

What are they called?

“The Ventures; they are supposed to be really good so I’m looking forward to seeing them.’

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