The boy and the seagull

The story tells of a young coble fisherman Tom Lawson who is also a coxswain on the life boat Pegasus in Cullercoats. His father drowned saving the life of a little girl and he wants to follow in his father's footsteps. the story is set in the early fifties a time of sexual revolution and rock and roll. Tom meets Eva a girl who wants the best- brought up on Howdon road she dreams of a better life. She works as a packer at Tyne Brand on North Shields Fish Quay- Tom the handsome Teddy boy with his drapes and crepe shoes charms the young Eva - they end up getting married but things don't run smoothly for the couple who have a son together but he is be-felled with a fever which leaves him unable to hear. This is a story of love-of heartache-and triumph over adversity. This is a story to warm your heart and one i'm sure that you will enjoy.


22. 22

Tom bought the Daily Express from the newspaper shop in the station and a Mars bar. Once outside, he un-wrapped the chocolate bar then took a huge bite of it.

Looking at the wrapper it read: “a mars a day, helps you work rest and play.’

He grinned then walked down the street looking at the front page of the newspaper.

 It was nearly quarter to six as he got back into his own home. He put on the kettle then began to remove his clothes. The little washing machine was filled then he set it away to wash his shirts and Y Fronts. His mother had a wringer that he now used to do his own laundry.

He made the tea and left it to brew as he went out into the back yard to hang out his shirts using wooden dolly pegs.

When he returned he poured himself a large pot of tea and added some milk after he’d put his nose to the bottle to check to see if it was on the turn.

He added some silver spoon sugar then sat at the table.

The weather wasn’t suitable for fishing so he would have to wait to see if it would change later. He needed to go out to check and re-bait his pots. Once he’d finished his tea he walked down to the life boat station to check the boat over. John Oliver was there when he came in.

“Morning said Tom as he approached the table where john was sitting.

Hey Tom how’s it going man?’

“Tom yawned and stretched out onto the sofa. I’ve not long got in he winked at his fellow crewman.

“You dirty lucky bastard; have you been on the nest all night then?’

“These things have to be done you know mate.’

“Come on tell me all the details then.’

“Not this time my friend’ this one is a definite keeper.’

“Oh so there could be weddin’ bells ringing oot soon then?’

“I haven’t asked her yet mate.’

“Well diven’t be leavin’ it too lang or someone else will get in before ye.’

“No worries there my friend; she’s into me big time.’

“Well good luck to you both.’

Looking out Tom saw a herring boat coming in and he excused himself so that he could go down to the pier to buy some to use as fresh bait for his crab pots and a dozen or so for his tea tonight.

“Get me some will you Tom I quite fancy some sauced herrings tonight myself.’

Tom put on his top coat then walked leisurely down to the pier where Peter Jamieson was just tying up. “You got some I can buy off you Peter tom shouted down to the boat below.

“Aye how many do you want give me a six dozen and I will take that basket of fish heads there as well for my crab pots. What’s it like out there?

It’s a bit choppy but you could still get out later I reckon.’

Tom gave him two pounds for his fish then walked back to his boat the Nelly B.


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