A daily log of my life....


3. Log #3

It’s_Just_Me Log #3

November 7, 7:01 pm


Oh, God, what is wrong with me? My head is full of impure thoughts right now. I keep thinking about Francis, about, about....AGH!

    I want to touch him, kiss him, feel his lips on my neck, feel his hands on my butt, lifting me up so I can kiss him better. I want to slide my hands under his shirt, feel the skin of his back against my palms. I just want him so badly, and the fact that he wants me just as badly only doubles the need. I need Friday to come, and when it does I will make sure we find a place to be alone, and I swear, we will tear each other apart. I mean, there won’t be anything going on, no sex or nudity or anything, but...oh, God, I just want him so bad. I love him so much.

    What the hell has he done to me? I just can’t keep my thoughta away from him, away from what we will do once we’re finally alone on Friday. I will be seeing him in my dreams, and it will hardly be an innocent sighting.

    It seems that I have been possessed. My sexual Scorpio side is finally making an appearance. Is he ready for it?

    Something tells me that he is. He’s been ready for it. He has always been the leader in our physical relationship, but on Friday, I’m taking the reins. It’s my turn to have some fun.


    Omigod, I really am possessed. Holy schist. What the fuck is wrong with me? I’m so...dirty. Uuuagh. *Shivers*  

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