A daily log of my life....


5. Dream Log #1

December 9


Since this is a dream, the timeline is going to be a bit weird, and I obviously won’t remember everything. But I’ll do my best to recount all of it that I can remember, and fill in the gaps as best as I can.



    The room was about the size of the weight room that we have at school, which is a pretty decent size. There were multiple spiral staircases, crafted out of a black metal, scattered throughout the room. None of the staircases actually led anywhere, they just spiraled up and stopped about eight feet short of the darkly painted ceiling.

    The room was dark, and the darkness tinted everything a deep midnight blue color, which made it mysterious, almost magical.

    We ran up one of those staircases, Francis and I. I ran my hand along the handrail, startled to find that the metal was warm to touch instead of being cold like metal would normally be. We reached the top, our hands strung together as we stood at the rail and surveyed the room, panting slightly. No one else was in the room, and so we looked across a lonely landscape of spiral stairs and midnight walls.

    Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Francis turn his head. I could feel his eyes, taking in my face in the dim light. I slowly turned to look at him.

    We gazed at each other for what felt like hundreds of years before leaning towards each other. Our lips met, and I felt my heart explode in my chest. I wrapped my arms around him, and he wrapped his around me, and we kissed passionately, our bodies pressed together as though we were trying to absorb each other’s essences. Our tongues danced instead of wrestled, and our hands were moving gently down each other’s backs.

    I slowly slid my hands under his shirt, and he gasped slightly, then pressed me closer to him as I ran my hands up and down his back. HIs hands found the hem of my shirt, and they slowly mimicked my actions. A pleasant shiver trembled down my spine.

He had me against the railing, and when his hands were on my butt and pulling me up against him, I pulled myself up so I was on the railing. HIs arms automatically moved into a position that guaranteed my safety, made sure I wouldn’t fall. For once, I wasn’t afraid of the distant floor, so many feet below.

HIs hands moved under my shirt again, while my hands had never moved from where they were gently massaging his back. I pulled him closer, wrapping my legs around his waist and intercepting his lips with mine as he moved to kiss my neck. We kissed, and kissed, and kissed, and neither of us ever wanted to stop.

Then there was a noise below us, and we broke apart, startled. Francis pulled me off the railing and onto solid ground before we looked down.

A man, completely unfamiliar, was roaming the room. He hadn’t noticed us, but his presence put a halt to our activities. We watched him as he roamed, slowly positioning ourselves so there were no hands under shirts, no lips on necks. Just fingers entwined with fingers, hoping to never let go, and breaths held in anticipation as we waited for boredom and disinterest to drive the stranger away.


That’s pretty much where the dream ended...I woke up then, and tried to fall asleep so I could go back to it. When I finally did fall back asleep, I had a completely different dream, even though I was still trying to ressurect this one.

But it was a really nice dream, so I won’t complain about the shortness of it.


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