Sivan // Troye Sivan

What happens, when your best friend falls in love with you? What happens, when a gay falls in love, with a girl? Troye and Andrea get through it. Troye the famous singer falls in love, with his best friend. The Girl Andrea.


2. Chapter one

'I dont think.. I'm gay anymore' he said and looks at me. My eyes opened wide. 'W.what did you just say?' i asked and looked into his blue eyes. 'I think.. I like a girl..' his eyes changed to get tears and I didn't know what to say or do.



Hey, my name is Andrea and this boy is my best friend Troye. He is a singer and a really sweet guy. He has blue eyes and brown hair, his smile is perfect and his voice calms me and... I love him.


I have green eyes and brown hair... Colored from the disgusting brown/blond/dirty color.. Eww.. I hate myself, everything that keeps me alive is Troye.


Well back to the awkward thing. 'W.who?' my voice cracked as the words left my lips. 'I.I can't tell... I'll tell you later' he was scared and looked down while a tear felt from his eye. 'Hey.. Don't cry...' I dried the tear away and hugged him tight. His arms where around me and he smiled a bit when our eyes meet. I smiled and he kissed my cheek, he hugged me again and mumbled something in my ear.


'TROYE!' Tyde yelled and came up to me and Troye. 'Are you kissing?' He asked and giggled. Troye looked down and got sad. 'NoTyde! We are not!' I said and watched Troye leave. Tyde looked confused at me and left the room.




Hey guys! i hope you like this story! If you dont know Troye.. Check him out! He is a really cool guy who is making music! Kinda like One direction! I love him so much and i decided that i would make one of the first Troye Stories on Movellas! Well see ya! have an Amazing day! :)


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