Book of Poems

A collection of my poems


8. Withdraw

I feel like I’m withdrawing

Inside myself,

Hiding from the world.

I’m not entirely sure

Why or when it started

But I’m running

Away from the world.


I run and hide

As the waves crash down

Around me.

It’s hard to think

With everything whirling

Around in my mind.


I don’t know what I’m doing

Half the time.

I just feel the need to withdraw,

To hide

Within myself.


And also in the real world

I withdraw more and more.

Hiding in my room,

Not talking to anyone,

Ignoring social media.


Because that’s how people connect these days,

Through a screen

And little pictures

Of yellow, smiling faces.

It makes it easy to hide,

When you don’t have to

Look anyone in the eye.


I can pretend to be happy

When I’m dying inside:

Happy face :)

Winky face ;)

Face with a single tear ;’(


I’m withdrawing

Further and further.

Now I don’t think I can find my way out.

The dark hides all around

I can’t see anymore.


I’m wandering in the dark

And I can’t tell which way I’m going.

I could be walking towards the light;

I could be retreating further down

Into the dark.


All I know is that I’m withdrawing.

I could be withdrawing away

From the dark and soon

I will find the hope in my life.

But I have come to love the dark

And now I want to

Withdraw further into it.


The dark is safe.

The dark is warm.

The dark makes me feel safe.

I withdraw from the light and hide in the dark

Until I find a way to live again.

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