Book of Poems

A collection of my poems


2. Why I Haven't Done Much Work

I have found that I can always tell when I have failed an exam because by the end I have given up and let my creative juices flow. My failure can take the form of pictures, puns and (in this case) poems. Feel free to use this if you ever forget to do your work.


I'm sorry I haven't done much,

But, to be honest, I don't care.

You see, I am so very tired

That I have not brushed my hair.


My tongue feels all fury;

I missed my breakfast too.

There is something floating in my water

And I really need the loo.


I think that you will find,

If I did this on the morrow,

I would complete the entire thing

(And with a pen I did not borrow!)


So I hope you understand

Why I have not done much work.

You see, I only have ten minutes left

And my head really hurts.


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