Book of Poems

A collection of my poems


3. The Real World

"Be ready for the real world,"

They say.

As if I don't already know

What's out there.


"Grow up,"

They say.

"The real world is much harsher

Than you know."


They tell me that

I must be ready

For what is out there

In the real world.


They tell me that

I must stand on my own

Because they won't catch me

I the real world.


But I say,

"I know the real world,

I've been there

When you weren't looking."


And I say,

"The real world is harsh,

So why do you push me into it

Before my time?


In the real world,

I am on my own.

But this is not the real world.

So I shall be young

Until the real world calls."

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