Book of Poems

A collection of my poems


7. Kill Me Now

Kill me now.

I'm just so bored!

I've got nothing to do

So I may as well die.


Kill me now.

I'm basically a slave.

I've got so many chores

They'll take me forever to do.


Kill me now.

My childhood is ruined.

Their re-making Ghostbusters

But all with women!


Kill me now.

I swear, I'm broke.

I can't get these shoes 

Until at least next week.


Kill me now.

I'm in so much pain

I've been shopping all day

And I have blisters on my feet.


Kill me now,

Before World War Three.

The immigrants are invading

They get too much for free.


Kill me now.

I have no friends.

Bae won't text me back

I've just been abandoned.


Kill me now.

I was raped at 13

I can't pay for my HIV pills

Because no one will hire a refugee.


Kill me now

Or I'll do it myself.

I can't tell what's real

And no one wants to help.


Kill me now.

I don't deserve to live.

Others have bigger problems.

Don't waste your time with me.


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