Book of Poems

A collection of my poems


1. Just to Say

This is a poem that I wrote for several people who shall remain nameless lest they see this. I wrote this poem whilst at the Hay Festival when I was homesick and missing the people who are closest to me. Most poems are full of love and loss and are written with some kind of passion, be it dark or light. Others are funny and have absurd titles. Here I have fused the two :)
There isn't much formal structure but it's a poem from the heart and I hope it makes you laugh.


Your eyes are pretty,

Your words are witty,

And that's the sappy stuff out the way.

Because what I really want to say 

Is ......


You're annoying as hell.

Your feet smell.

You go to bed way too early.


You're a nag,

You're sad,

You frequently yell.

But I love you anyway,

Can't you tell?

I'm by no means perfect.

Neither are you.

That's just the way things are.



I didn't write this for the fluff,

Like how you make me laugh,

Or how you make me smile,

When no one else can,

And I'm stuck in the dark.




This is to say;

Your face is a mess,

Your hair is in distress.

You're frustrating,

You're grumpy,

And looking at you makes me wince.

But I've loved you from day one

And I haven't stopped since.


So, sure,

You hate me.

I make your life hell

I bet sometimes you wish I'd go fall down a well.


As my friends will vouch,

I complain you're a pain.

But I love you, my friend,

And that'll never change.

Even if you are a bit strange.


And, as an afterthought, deranged.

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