Marvels Roy Grayson Our Dying World

Directly after the events of Marvels Roy Grayson, New York is on the verge of falling. The Flaming Sword come to hunt down Elias and his accomplices while Roy joins Tony Stark and his strike team, Osiris, to find the rogue agents of shield.


6. The Rise of Atomic Part 2

(Aboard the Osiris Vertibird over Berlin)

Tony: Everyone get locked and loaded, we're about to fly over the Rogue's hideout.

Natasha: Sorry to miss the meeting boys.

Tony: No mind, it comes down to this...we're about to face former colleague's and friends so be ready to what you have to.

Rodey: Never thought the Cap would go against everything we fought for and for get a couple of kids out of rehab to fight for us.

Natasha: Tattoo and Medusa used to be an enemy of shield, on their radar to be targeted as an enemy.

Tony: That used to be you ten years ago.

Natasha: Yeah well, the difference is I stayed and changed my ways. I remember the pain I went through in shield's rehab program worked and I am now better for it.

Tony: That maybe so but I doubt that is the only reason.

Natasha: What are you saying Tony?

Tony: Fury visited me before the meeting and told me of a new law that is passing. All powered or advanced individuals must register with the government so Steve didn't agree with this because it would end with every person with a special ability to be known to the public.

Rodey: Seems like Fury is coming from a good place with this idea.

Natasha: But with every specialist known comes with cost.

Tony: That cost will dimmer after a short time. Remember the people who take to this with harm and chaos will be known to shield and the government so they will know they are being watched.

Natasha: Thus leading to less possibility of fatal outcomes.

Tony: Yes...Steve can't stand making these kids public with things they have done.

Rodey: But that will all change today.

Tony: It will, so be ready to face whatever comes within the next few minutes because we dropping in the next thirty seconds so suit up.

Natasha: Kind of you to lend me your stealth model suit Tony, with glossy black paint as well.

Tony: I know your favourite colour so I made sure to put the extra effort in.

Natasha: Such a gentleman.

(Tony, Natasha and Rodey suit up)

Tony: Ok so Rodey you and me will drop in through the roof and Natasha you will sneak in from behind the house.

Rodey: Let's do this.

(Tony, Natasha and Rodey drop out of the Vertibird)

(Five minutes earlier, Berlin Airport)

Roy: Do you know what these rogue units we will encounter will be capable of?

Logan: From what Tony told me Tattoo is self explanatory, he can morph his tattoo to life. Scarlet Witch is some sort of sorcerer of such, she can form hex spheres and other mystice forces of energy to fire and deflect. That bitch can also mess with our minds so be sure to stay at a distance from that one...well all of them but you get my point. Hawkeye is well kept with a bow and close quarters so he will be a danger at all ranges.

Roy: Hope me small range of abilities can quell them.

Logan: Oh yeah that reminds me, here (stabs Roy in the neck with a syringe)>

Roy: Holy shit, what on earth did you do that for?

Logan: Just a little something to get you pumped for battle, hahahaha.

Roy: You drugged me.

Logan: Kind of...Tony told me to give you this so you can get back the ability you lost from Elias.

Roy: Well you could have told me first.

Logan: Nahahahaha, funnier this way.

Roy: We've been looking around this airport for over an hour and no sign of any for the rogue's.

Logan: Let me take a look at there signatures. Well sign of them in the airport.

Roy: Something isn't right here, get Tony on the phone.

(back at the Vertibird, present)

Rodey: Let's do this.

(everyone drops)

Rodey: Seems clear, where the hell has everyone gone tho.

Natasha: No way out the back either.

(Tony's phone rings)

Tony: Who is it Jarvis?

Jarvis: Logan sir.

Tony: Put him on. Hey Logan have you and Roy found Tattoo, Hawkeye or Scarlet Witch?

Logan: No, not a single one of them are in the airport.

Tony: We just breeched their hideout and seems none is here either.

(Tv turns on)

Steve: Not what you expected to find was it Tony.

Tony: Just one step behind but we'll catch up soon.

Steve: Please...just stop. I got these kids out because shield in Africa have been torturing both Medusa and Tattoo.

Tony: Hardcore's what they do to make sure the enemy turns to the right side forever.

Steve: Methods like this is what caused wars and the deaths of thousands. Sad to see you agree with them on this, you to Natasha.

Natasha: Please Steve...just stop all this...just come home.

Steve: I can't...I won't...these kids depend on me now. Since we found out about the government trying to get every powered being known to man go public, I couldn't stand the thought of the things that would come from it.

Tony: You just didn't think about the goods things that would happen, only the bad. I'm no fool Steve...I knew that people would die, but they would die anyway. But the what I knew is that making all of them known on paper would keep the danger from occurring in the future, short term loss for long term profit. You never could think that way, blind by the short term gains, I mean just think about it for a second, me, all of us never won anything. We just suppressed the darkness for a little while and I'm sick of it.

Steve: What are you truly saying?

Tony: What I'm truly saying is the about of people that we could've saved long ago if we had done this would've have been a better way to go then to stop and wait till the next batch of villains came along and drove our civilisation further into the dirt.

Steve: It seems I can't change your mind on where you stand.

Tony: must definitely can't and if you keep on this path the next time we meet I will kill you.

Rodey: Tony.

Tony: Shut up! We used to be friends Steve, how did we get to this?

Steve: We've been playing this game far to long.

Tony: I guess we have.

Steve: Sorry it had to end this way my friend.

Tony: I'm sorry too.

Steve: I hope that one day you can forgive me for what I have done.

Natasha: What do you mean Steve, what have you done?

Steve: Just before you all got here I gave Roy and Logan's location to The Flaming Sword and your location Tony to Atomic. I'm sorry...I'm so sorry.

(ends connection of TV)

Rodey: Oh shit guys we got a large bogey inbound.

(Atomic blasts through the house and grabs Tony)

Tony: Not very nice to barge in like that.

Atomic: No need to knock, annihilation better option.

Tony: So very true (blasts Atomic in the face).

Atomic: Arggghhhh.

Tony: How does feel.

Atomic: Great, you are such a fool. Just a quick question, what is that blast core made up of.

Tony: If you really must know there is some medal and radiation and...

Atomic: That's were you you know what I feed on (body charges nuclear blast).

Tony: God.

Atomic: No God, just me (fires nuclear blast at Tony).

Tony: Ooohhh...Jarrrvis.

Jarvis: Sir the suit has been drained of it's power, we are at 1%.

Atomic: What are you without the suit Stark. Just another weak link in Shield's operations.

Rodey: That is why he has us.

Natasha: Friends, which you don't seem to have.

Atomic: Don't need any.

Natasha: We'll all see about that (activates camo).

Rodey: Let's get to work shall we.

Atomic: Shall we.

(Rodey flies into Atomic's chest and is thrown back)

Atomic: That tinkled a little, I like that.

Natasha: (jumps onto Atomic's head) Then your going to love me (fires plasma blast at Atomic's head).

(Rodey starts firing a chain of 50cal bullets into the chest of Atomic)

Atomic: Just keep on going, it only makes this more fun (throws Natasha over his shoulders).

Rodey: You alright?

Natasha: Mostly.

Tony: What about me.

Rodey: We know your alright.

Tony: I got a plan, just be ready to grab him.

Natasha: Wait, what?

(Tony uses the rest of his suits power to blast Atomic in the back, which causes him to be shocked towards Rodey and Natasha. Which they then destroy some banners to cause the house to full on Atomic)

Atomic: Enough messing around! If I must destroy this city to take you three be it.

(Atomic charges nuclear radioactive shockwave)

Natasha: Not now damn it, shit. Quickly Rodey grab Tony.

Tony: You can't, the suit is too heavy and the blast has melded my ability to get out into place.

Rodey: No Tony, please.

Tony: Don't worry guys I brought a cigar for the occasion (takes out cigar, lights it and begins to smoke the cigar).

Natasha: Your ready for anything.

Tony: I always am. Now go, go help Roy and Logan.

Rodey: I'm sorry Tony.

Tony: Just go, now!

(Rodey and Natasha fly off)

Atomic: Now your friends have left you here, to die...alone.

Tony: Hey I'm alone, I got you.

Atomic: How very touching.

(Atomic fires off radioactive blast, slowly killing Tony)

















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