Marvels Roy Grayson Our Dying World

Directly after the events of Marvels Roy Grayson, New York is on the verge of falling. The Flaming Sword come to hunt down Elias and his accomplices while Roy joins Tony Stark and his strike team, Osiris, to find the rogue agents of shield.


4. The Rise of Atomic Part 1

(Electrical Grid Station, New York)

Gabriel: Please Babylon...take off the bags.

Jason: What the hell is going on here, who the fuck are you all?

Casey: Don't speak to them Jason, their are all fucking terrorists.

Azazel: Quite harsh of a description.

Casey: Well it's no damn lie.

Hayden: Then why are you here for?

Cali: Shut your mouth bitch!

Gabriel: Cali! Watch your manners around the young lady.

Cali: Forgive me.

Gabriel: Anyway...we are here to finish the cycle we were created for. Which was to destroy every world, system and universe that doesn't evolve to the capability of God.

Hayden: Then why doesn't god come down and deal with it himself.

Gabriel: He has his job and we have ours, it's the way everything combines, rotates and functions. So, to get to the point...just make this easy for us.

Benny: Your going to kill us aren't you.

Hayden: Of course they are...because of the changes we are a threat.

Erinyes: Right on the point there Hayden (grabs Casey and violently bits her head off).

Benny: You fucking bastard, baby no...I'm going to kill you piece of shit.

Erinyes: How can you if you are tied up.

Benny: Untie my then you coward.

(Erinyes unties Benny)

Benny: (electric shock comes from Benny's hand) Nice touch.

Hayden: Don't let the anger overtake you Benny, leave now.

Gabriel: So what's your next move boy.

Benny: Well...hopefully the right one.

(Benny overloads the power conduits)

Erinyes: Shit!

(Benny unties Hayden and Jason)

Hayden: What are you doing.

Benny: Not leaving my friends behind.

Jason: Lots congrats after we get out of here.

Benny: Right...let's fuck off.

Hayden: Wait a moment...I know what I can do, both of you, grab my hand.

(Benny and Jason grab Hayden's hands and they teleport out of the station)

Gabriel: You and your damn ego Erinyes.

Erinyes: Well you didn't stop me Gabriel, you obviously didn't give a jack shit.

Gabriel: (grabs Erinyes) Don't fuck with me.

(explosion blows a hole through the wall)

 Cali: What in the world.

Atomic: Flaming Sword, On target.

Azriel: It's from OsCorp.

Gabriel: Bastards betrayed us.

(Cali attacks Atomic with his flames)

Atomic: Caaaaali (walks towards Cali, ignoring the flames).

Cali: Why won't you die?

Babylon: (fires a paralysing blast at Atomic causing him to be stuck in place) Now why are you here?

Atomic: Prey that I don't get out of this stasis.

Gabriel: Keep and eye on him.

Erinyes: Where you going boss?

Gabriel: To grab the child, we're getting out of here.

Erinyes: Where are we going?

Gabriel: Germany, time to lead those leeches out of hiding.

(Atomic breaks out of stasis)

Atomic: (grabs Cali) Know you have the honour...of dying (caves in Cali's face).

Babylon: Oh my god, I'm fucking out of here.

(Babylon and Azriel fly out)

Atomic: (looks at Gabriel, Azazel and Erinyes) I will come back for you three.

(Atomic flies after Babylon and Azriel)

Gabriel: That gives us a chance to get out of here. Hello child (picks up child), lets go visit your father.








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