Marvels Roy Grayson Our Dying World

Directly after the events of Marvels Roy Grayson, New York is on the verge of falling. The Flaming Sword come to hunt down Elias and his accomplices while Roy joins Tony Stark and his strike team, Osiris, to find the rogue agents of shield.


7. The Gate

Logan: Tony! Tony!

Roy: What happened.

Logan: Tony and the others have been ambushed by Atomic.

Roy: Then we got to go over and help them.

Logan: Agreed.

(Rodey picks up Logan and flies off)

Roy: Wha...

(Natasha picks up Roy and flies off)

Roy: Damn Natasha what are you doing?

(Radioactive explosion occurs in the background)

Roy: Oh shit I get it, goooooo.

(Roy, Natasha, Rodey and Logan escape explosion and track back to their base)

Roy: Well that was a bust, Natasha...what's wrong.

Natasha: Atomic got Tony.

Roy: (looks down and then up again at Natasha) Then let's prepare our next move.

(Later in the meeting room)

Rodey: Nice to see you Nick.

Nick: Sorry about Tony, he...was a good man and...a good friend.

Rodey: Can we just figure out whatever happens next.

Nick: Yeah, ok.

Rodey: Everyone get around the table.

Nick: Now all you know that the Berlin operation was a complete failure.

Logan: That's one way of putting it.

Nick: Tony Stark, a fellow avenger, fellow soldier...fellow friend, was killed.

Rodey: We had no clue about the type of enemy we were facing...Atomic annihilated as within minutes.

Roy: There must be a way to defeat him and The Flaming Sword, but how?

Val: Nothing, they're coming to us.

Roy: Val (runs over and hugs and kisses Val).

Val: I so glad to see your ok.

Roy: Same here...what happened to the baby.

Val: I had the baby.

Roy: Didn't take so long did you.

Val: Yeah...but.

Roy: What, what's wrong?

Val: Our baby has been kidnapped.

Roy: By who?

Val: It was Gabriel, he took her because he wants to draw us out.

Roy: If that is so then what is his reason to do that.

Nick: The Flaming Sword are here to destroy our universe, other worlds have already fallen and they're protectors dead. Heroes of Earth like you and the others become a threat to Gabriel and his Lieutenant's.

Roy: But why us, why take my child.

Nick: You must be different in a way.

Elias: He is different.

(agents aim weapons at Elias)

Roy: What are doing here?

Val: He did what he did to change our friends and the others to give them abilities to fight the Flaming Sword.

Roy: Why take some of my powers away then.

Elias: To improve your smoke abilities, borrowed it and improved it so you can not just smoke through the air by hovering and such but also flying now, so here (gives Roy his missing abilities back).

Roy: Just tell me next time.

Elias: I'll make note of that.

Val: So what is the plan you guys have to dealing with Gabriel and Atomic, Come on don't tell me you don't have a plan Fury.

Nick: We're in the midst of coming up with an attack plan, all I know is that we need to be careful?

Elias: Never have we ever not been careful.

Nick: Yeah well double goes for our situation with the Flaming Sword. The one thing I need to tell you all is that to enter our universe they used a gate the pass over into a universe.

Val: Well I'll be getting some rest, come get me when you all have a plan.

(Ten minutes later in Val's room)

Roy: Must have been hell in the pregnancy ward.

Val: Not much, since I have a condition to have a child over twice as fast as any normal person, I wasn't in much pain. Especially since I was unconscious for most of the time, it was rather a quick experience. I haven't even seen her face yet.

Roy: It's a girl hey.

Val: It is, and I'm glad to be here so we can finally come up with a name for our daughter.

Roy: Man I don't know, what do you think?

Val: How about Hayden.

Roy: Like our Hayden.

Val: Why not, it's a nice and charming name which is everything Hayden stands for.

Roy: Sure, why not...Hayden it is then.

Logan: Hey Roy, Val, Nick is asking everyone to the meeting room. The attack plan has been thought out and he wants to bring us up to date.

Val: We will be there in a minute Logan.

Logan: Hey take your time, I'm sure you two want to catch so I'll just shut this door and leave you to it (whink whink and closes door).

Val: Is Logan always like that.

Roy: From the short time I've known him and what others have said, yes.

Val: Then I look forward to work with him and you on this next operation.

Roy: That's what I'm worried about.

Val: Why worried, we're all working on this together for a team.

Roy: Are we a team?

Val: Not sure what you mean by that?

Roy: Just think about it Val, how long have we been together.

Val: About a month.

Roy: A month, right and how long have we come from the first time we met. We fought against a force far stronger then us and come out separately, we have a child that I wasn't even present to see the birth of and for past week we have been split apart.

Val: But we're not anymore, you and me are together on this and nothing can tear us apart.

Roy: I know and that is why I won't us to be together and never to be apart and alone like we just were ever again. So why I want to ask you something very near and dear to my heart.

Val: What would that have to be Roy?

Roy: (pulls out ring) Marry me...Val.

Val: Oh my god...are serious, I mean how are we going to get married in this world, our dying world.

Roy: Who knows and who cares, what matters is we are able to get married so what do you say Val...would you marry a guy like me.

Val: You know what Roy, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Roy: Is that a yes?

(Val kisses Roy)

Val: Yes.








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