Marvels Roy Grayson Our Dying World

Directly after the events of Marvels Roy Grayson, New York is on the verge of falling. The Flaming Sword come to hunt down Elias and his accomplices while Roy joins Tony Stark and his strike team, Osiris, to find the rogue agents of shield.


1. The Beginning of the End

Harleen: Doctor Octavius.

Otto: I'm busy with Parker's internal bleeding surgery schedule, what's so important Miss Quinzel?

Harleen: It's Miss Hullen...she's awake.

Otto: So soon...well give me a minute and I'll be there in moment.

(next scene)

Val: Where...where am I.

Otto: St Johns Hospital, Miss Jones helped you down here after you collapsed.

Val: I feel like I'm going to be sick.

Otto: That's very normal but you remember.

Val: I...yes, yes I do. Where is my baby?

Otto: Your baby is with the other newborns.

Val: What about Roy, I want to see

Otto: We got nurses trying to get him up here at this moment.

Val: Then why are you acting so strange doctor.

Otto: We are evacuating the hospital at once.

Val: Why is that?

Otto: The city has become ground zero on the war against The Flaming Sword. So I've been ordered by Mr Grayson to get you out of here, along with the child.

(meanwhile outside of the hospital)

Gabriel: Azazel!

(Azazel appears)

Azazel: Everybody is in place.

Gabriel: Great...commence the attack.

Azazel: At once...(uses radio) Babylon and Erinyes report in.

Babylon: Babylon reporting in.

Erinyes: Erinyes reporting in.

Azazel: Go in.

(inside the hospital)

Harleen: Doctor...Mr Parker has been placed on the chopper.

Otto: Very good Harleen...please escort Val to the chopper so we can all get out of this place.

(explosion in the hospital)

Otto: Shit...get Val of out here, quickly.

Val: My child!

Otto: Go to the chopper, I'll get your daughter.

Val: Be careful Otto.

Otto: Just get to safety.

(the place of the explosion)

Gabriel: Azazel...take your men and get Hayden and the others. I will get the child.

Cali: Seems fun.

Azriel: Me and Babylon will keep the authorities at hand.

Gabriel: This wont take long...I will see you all soon.

(at the newborn medical room)

Otto: Ok...where are you, gotcha you.

(baby starts crying)

Otto: Don't worry little's we all get out of here.

Gabriel: Hand the child over, Octavius.

Otto: Not now, not ever you son of a bitch.

Gabriel: Just leave Otto there is no need for you to die.

Otto: This hospital and these patients are all I got left in this world, I can't and I won't.

Gabriel: I know (shoots Otto with his Holy Revolver and causes Otto to disintegrate and the Roy and Val's child to fall into the hands of Gabriel). To bad it had to end this way for you doctor...and for you child...time to go home.

(Gabriel flies out of the hospital with the child)





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